Medical Board Suspends Christian Doctor for Opposing Abortion and Population Control

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 9, 2020   |   11:27AM   |   Sydney, Australia

An Australian medical board recently suspended a Christian doctor for expressing his views about abortion, population control and other issues online.

Eternity News reports Dr. Jereth Kok is a general practitioner in Melbourne. In his 11 years of practice, he never received a single formal complaint from any patients, according to the report.

But Kok, a pro-life Christian, also writes about his views online, and that got him into trouble with the Medical Board of Australia.

In late March, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal upheld the board’s decision to suspend Kok based on comments he made on social media and an article he wrote for Eternity News, a Christian news outlet based in Australia.

According to the report, Kok was accused of “denigrating, demeaning and slurring medical practitioners” who had different views on abortion, among other things.

“The Board submitted that Dr Kok’s published statements are egregious and reflect a lack of the integrity, ethics and compassion required of a medical practitioner,” the tribunal stated.

Writing at The Caldron Pool, Dr. David van Gend slammed the suspension as an “absurd injustice.”

He said Kok also was falsely accused of “endorsing genocide” based on a sarcastic comment he made about the Australian government forcing taxpayers to fund abortions in impoverished countries.

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According to van Gend, Kok wrote:

Thanks to “family planning”, developed nations (Europe, Japan, North America) are in steep decline and are facing an impending financial and economic crisis that comes with an aged population.

See for example what is happening in Japan:

Soon, our civilisations will be vanquished, and the Earth will be overrun by Black people. The solution is clear: we must take “family planning” to poor countries and exterminate them before it is too late!

Van Gend said it’s clear that Kok was being ironic.

“Anybody with a reading age above 12 can tell, in context, that this is irony, a rhetorical device by which Kok scorns the decadent West for exporting its culture of death to poor countries,” van Gend wrote. “The Medical Board, however, asserts the exact opposite: that Dr Kok’s comment is an endorsement of genocide!”

On March 27, the tribunal acknowledged that Kok has a good reputation as a general practitioner.

“No evidence was placed before us to show that in his actual practice Dr Kok has not endeavoured to protect and promote the health of individuals and the wider community,” the tribunal wrote. “No evidence was placed before us to show that when consulting with his patients, Dr Kok does compromise their best interests.”

However, it ruled that his suspension still is in the best interests of society.

“It is possible that ultimately Dr Kok will be found to be an individual with strong views who is also first and foremost a committed health practitioner,” the tribunal wrote. “Nevertheless, we have no doubt that Dr Kok should cease posting on social media.”

According to Eternity News, the suspension is temporary, but the medical board ultimately could decide to revoke Kok’s license entirely in the future.