Legislators Overturn Kansas Gov’s Order Closing Churches for Easter But Letting Abortion Clinics Kill Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 9, 2020   |   5:06PM   |   Topeka, KS

Kansas lawmakers took action Wednesday to stop Gov. Laura Kelly from banning church services on Easter while allowing abortion facilities to continue killing unborn babies in elective abortions.

The AP reports the Legislative Coordinating Council voted 5-2 to overturn Kelly’s executive order as it applies to religious gatherings of more than 10 people. Those found to be in violation of the order could have been punished with fines up to $2,500 and 12 months in jail.

A pro-abortion Democrat, Kelly argued that strong restrictions are necessary to protect lives during the coronavirus crisis. But she excluded the most vulnerable when she allowed abortion facilities to remain open to continue killing unborn babies in elective abortions.

State Attorney General Derek Schmidt opposed the governor’s actions. He said limiting gatherings to 10 people or fewer is “sound public-health advice that Kansans should follow,” but a government ban on religious gatherings violates the Kansas Constitution.

He said Kansans should not be “threatened with fine or imprisonment, arrested, or prosecuted for performing or attending church or other religious services.”

Kelly slammed the vote in a statement afterward, claiming it is creating “confusion” and “chaos,” according to the report. She said her legal staff is working on the issue.

But Schmidt said he “repeatedly” advised the governor not to issue the order against religious services.

“[I] notified her I would express my concerns publicly if she proceeded,” he said. “She did, and so did I… The important point for all Kansans is this: Follow sound public health advice and do not gather for religious services or for any other reason until the COVID-19 crisis has passed. I am confident Kansans of faith can be trusted to follow that important advice without their government threatening criminal sanctions for disobedience.”

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Here’s more from the report:

Senate President Susan Wagle, a Wichita Republican, said her phone had been “ringing off the wall” since the order was passed Tuesday.

“It appears to be out of line and extreme and clearly in violation, a blatant violation, of our fundamental rights,” said Wagle, an abortion opponent, who questioned why clinics were still being allowed to perform abortions while restrictions were being placed on churches.

Abortion facilities do not provide an essential service. They abort unborn babies in elective abortions. In Kansas in particular, there are major concerns that abortion facilities may be jeopardizing the lives of all Kansans by bringing in abortionists and patients from other states who may have the coronavirus.

Operation Rescue recently uncovered information about a California abortionist practicing at a Wichita abortion facility after allegedly being exposed to the coronavirus. Pro-life advocates believe the abortionist was not tested for the virus and could be spreading it to patients.

Another abortionist may be practicing at the Wichita facility without a license. “The abortionist on duty over the eventful weekend was believed to be a former Trust Women abortionist named Cheryl Chastine, who allowed her Kansas medical license to expire in 2016, after quitting her job in Wichita.  It has not been renewed. Chastine is also not listed on Trust Women’s current 24-hour consent form as required by law,” according to the pro-life organization.

In response to these concerns, the Sedgwick County Commissioners approved a recommendation last week urging Kelly and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to include elective abortions in their restrictions on non-essential health care.

Kelly is a pro-abortion Democrat who claims abortions are women’s healthcare.

“Women’s reproductive health is considered an essential need and health care clinics will fall under that category,” she said last week.

There is nothing essential about an abortion. Abortions kill unborn babies and often hurt mothers physically and psychologically. Recently, medical groups representing more than 30,000 doctors in America emphasized that abortions are not “essential” or “urgent,” and abortion facilities that continue to operate during the pandemic are being “medically irresponsible.”