Planned Parenthood Stops Dispensing Birth Control, Now Only Open to Kill Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 3, 2020   |   10:12AM   |   Harrisburg, PA

Some Planned Parenthood supporters like to claim the abortion chain does more to prevent abortions than any other entity because it provides birth control to a large number of its patients.

It is not true, and now there is even more evidence that its real priority is the killing of unborn babies.

During the coronavirus pandemic, some Planned Parenthood facilities are no longer open for birth control appointments, urinary tract infection treatments, STI treatment/testing and other health services.

According to Breitbart, most of the abortion chain’s Pennsylvania facilities are open “for abortion services only” right now.

“At this time, Planned Parenthood Keystone is serving patients in Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, Warminster, Reading, York, and Harrisburg for abortion services only,” its website states.

In southeastern Pennsylvania, Planned Parenthood also is open for abortions only.

As its website states, “COVID-19 UPDATE: Our Abortion Centers are open!” However, it states that its health centers are temporarily closed for all other services. It directs patients to its app for those who need birth control or UTI treatments.

“Everyone’s safety is our top priority,” the website states. “We know that people’s sexual and reproductive health care can’t wait, even in uncertain times like this, and we’re doing all we can to meet our patients’ needs.”

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Planned Parenthood of Greater New York is limiting its actual health services, too. According to its website, it is only seeing patients in-person for abortions right now.

“All services will be virtual, except for abortion services and select in-person visits,” the affiliate’s website states.

In a statement, Dayle Steinberg, president of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania, insisted that abortions are “essential” during a public health crisis, according to Breitbart.

“While Planned Parenthood health centers across Pennsylvania continue to provide critical care during this pandemic crisis and work with our partner health care providers, we know that abortion cannot wait,” Steinberg said.

Many would argue the exact opposite. Aborting unborn babies is not essential, and Planned Parenthood, a billion-dollar nonprofit, could easily stop doing them — especially during a health crisis when society is focused on saving lives.

Recently, medical groups representing more than 30,000 doctors in America emphasized that abortions are not “essential” or “urgent,” and abortion facilities that continue to operate during the pandemic are being “medically irresponsible.” Common abortion complications include infections, blood clots, hemorrhaging and an incomplete abortion. Abortion risks include future preterm births, breast cancer, suicide, anxiety/depression, and death. And it is not true that abortions are safer than childbirth.

Not only are Planned Parenthoods still putting babies’ and mothers’ lives at risk by continuing abortions, they also are busy using up medical supplies – and asking for more from donors — that hospitals critically need for coronavirus patients.

Many states have ordered non-essential health care services to be postponed or canceled during the coronavirus pandemic, but abortion facilities are defying these orders. Some even are suing states for trying to stop elective abortions in their orders halting non-essential medical care.

There is nothing essential about killing an unborn baby. Pro-lifers do debate the merits of birth control. Many believe it can help save unborn babies’ lives by preventing unplanned pregnancies, while others believe it only adds to the problem of devaluing children’s lives. But either way, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Planned Parenthood is not in the business of helping people plan when to have children. Its focus is on aborting children who are already alive.