Alicia Keys Rejected Abortion: “How Could I Take Away the Potential for This Beautiful Child”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Apr 3, 2020   |   4:04PM   |   Washington, DC

Alicia Keys had already achieved massive success and fame when she became pregnant with her second child.

But an abortion came to her mind when she thought about her busy career and her husband’s Harvard Business School plans, The Blaze reports. As abortion activists often tell women, she thought another baby would get in the way of their plans and add to their already overwhelming schedules.

Then, the lyrics of a song made her rethink her decision, and she chose life for her unborn baby, according to the report.

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently described her struggle and her ultimate decision to choose life for her son in her new book, ““More Myself: A Journey.”

Thinking back to 2014, Keys said she felt she “wasn’t ready” for another baby and told her doctor that when she learned about her second pregnancy.

“’This is the worst time ever. I’m working on my next album. My husband just got into Harvard Business School. And I’ve been drinking—a lot.’ I left her office feeling so torn,” she remembered, according to an excerpt from her book published at People magazine.

“The music I was creating felt more important and urgent than just about everything. I’d have to put off its release for at least a year if I chose to have the baby,” she continued.

One night, her perspective changed when she went to the studio to think. She said she began listening to a song that she and her husband wrote, “More Than We Know,” and the lyrics spoke to her.

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“The lyrics are about how we’re capable of so much more than we can ever imagine,” Keys wrote. “My eyes filled with tears. How could I take away the potential for this beautiful child, this light that could touch others in ways I couldn’t dream of. For me, the song was a powerful message that I should go on with the pregnancy.”

In December 2014, Keys and her husband welcomed their son Genesis, according to the report.

Keys also may have been inspired by her own mother who chose life for her in much more difficult circumstances. Terry Augello was single and working as a paralegal when she became pregnant with Keys. Though she struggled financially, she ultimately rejected abortion, making huge sacrifices to give her daughter a chance at life.

“I am so grateful to her for choosing me,” Keys said. “And I really appreciate her.”