Planned Parenthood Caught Lying, It’s Using Medical Supplies That Should be Saved for Coronavirus Patients

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 31, 2020   |   10:40AM   |   Austin, TX

The Planned Parenthood abortion business was caught lying. Again.

During its battle with the state of Texas over Governor Greg Abbott’s order to stop all medically unnecessary medical procedures — and nothing could be less necessary than killing a baby in an abortion — Planned Parenthood sought to refute Texas’ argument that banning abortions would help the state conserve personal protective equipment and other medical resources sorely needed to combat the coronavirus.

In a brief filed Monday to defend the order and the abortion ban, attorneys for Texas Attorney General Paxton said that abortion center staff “are still using (personal protective equipment) that instead could be used for health care workers on the front lines.”

“Even one extra mask could save the life of a physician or nurse,” they wrote.

But Planned Parenthood has been claiming that banning abortions won’t really save any medical resources or equipment. A the Houston Chroncile reported, “Providers said they don’t normally use any of the protective gear now in demand for medication abortions, and had limited their use of disposable masks for surgical abortion in recent days as the virus spread.”

Yet Planned Parenthood abortion facilities nationwide are clamoring for more protective gear and have literally been asking abortion activists to donate medical supplies to it that should be reserved for legitimate medical personnel treating coronavirus patients:

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“While Texas abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood argue they do not need personal protective equipment during the pandemic, their affiliates in other states posted pleas for supplies the same day this lawsuit was filed,” Texas Right to Life informed

“The lawsuit plainly shows the greediness of abortion businesses. While health care professionals work overtime to save lives from COVID-19, abortionists consume and hoard medical supplies that are desperately needed in hospitals‚Ķ not to mention increasing the death count with the abortions themselves,” it added.

Planned Parenthood’s motives are clear: making absurd profits from killing babies in abortions is more important than protecting people from the coronavirus and treating people who have it.