New Video Destroys Pro-Abortion Argument That “Consent to Sex is Not Consent to Pregnancy”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 26, 2020   |   7:31PM   |   Washington, DC

The Canadian pro-life group Choice42 is back with another poignant, pink-haired video that destroys a common pro-abortion argument about consent.

In less than 1 minute, the video points out the absurdities of the claim that “consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy.”

The video opens with the group’s main character, a pink-haired abortion activist, enjoying a doughnut.

“I really love doughnuts,” she says, eyeing a huge plate full of them. “I could eat all of them.”

Grabbing one in each hand, she says: “Fortunately, consent to eating all the doughnuts is not consent to gaining weight. Winning!”

“This is the exact same thing as sex,” she continues. “Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. No one could know that sex leads to pregnancy. Duh! Science.”

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The video is the eighth in Choice42’s popular “Just Saying” series. They all feature the same pink-haired lady responding to some of the “most irritating and irrational arguments out there” about abortion. Others include “No Uterus, No Say” and “The Magical Birth Canal.” The videos have amassed hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Last fall, Laura Klassen, founder and director of the pro-life organization, said they decided that it was time to speak boldly about what abortion really is – the killing of innocent human beings.

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“I started calling a spade a spade,” Klassen said. “This began to resonate with people, and started awakening them to the urgency of this human rights violation. And it’s also is resonating with pregnant women and the result has been them canceling their abortion appointments and choosing life.”

Through the videos and other outreach efforts, she said their goal is to inform women about the facts.

“We’re not being politically correct,” she said. “We are not dancing around the fact that abortion is human killing and that it needs to be abolished.”

The mission of Choice42 is to raise awareness about the humanity of pre-born babies and to provide support to women facing unplanned pregnancies. The Canadian organization also offers resources to post-abortive women.