Feminist Slams Social Distancing: That Makes It Harder for Women to Kill Their Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 24, 2020   |   10:36AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activist Beth Vial helps women get abortions by providing financial assistance, arranging their travel and child care and assuring them that there is nothing wrong with aborting an unborn baby.

She complained in a column at Newsweek this week that the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with abortion restrictions, is making it difficult for women to get abortions.

“Coronavirus travel bans further complicate the problem. Patients could easily get stuck—either at home, without a clinic nearby, or in a new city with no way to get back after the procedure,” she wrote.

Vial has no scruples about promoting elective abortions, even though elective procedures have been temporarily stopped in many states to devote desperately-needed medical resources to people suffering from the coronavirus.

She claimed abortions are still needed, writing:

As the coronavirus spreads across the country, people are sheltering in place and canceling most or all non-essential outings, even doctor’s appointments. Abortion patients, however, aren’t afforded that luxury and now have to navigate a pandemic on top of an already restrictive web of laws.

Imagine trying to get to an abortion appointment without using public transportation while your city is in lockdown and you are without income.

Vial wished lawmakers would de-regulate abortions even more than they already are so that women could abort their unborn babies at home, rather than going to abortion clinics during the virus outbreak.

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“I wish we had a robust telemedicine program, so patients could seek care from a provider from the comfort of their own home, without fear of contracting the coronavirus because they have to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest abortion clinic,” she wrote.

She slammed Texas and Ohio for ordering abortion facilities to close, along with a long list of other non-essential medical providers. Vial also criticized Republican lawmakers for ensuring abortion funding was not included in the emergency aid bill for the coronavirus.

She continued:

At a moment when people are in dire need of testing and treatment from this terrifying virus, when hundreds of Americans are dying, right-wing politicians are focused on banning abortion. They are willing to sabotage the health of the nation to score political points with anti-abortion groups. How is that “pro-life”? It makes me furious.

A board member of the Northwest Abortion Access Fund, Vial herself had an elective abortion when she was nearly 28 weeks pregnant. By that point, her baby was viable outside the womb and capable of feeling intense pain.

Though she could be providing real support to pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, she instead devotes her time to promoting the destruction of unborn babies’ lives. She is correct that pregnant mothers especially need more support during this time of crisis and uncertainty. But she is wrong about the solution. Abortions do not help women. They destroy their unborn babies’ lives and put their own at risk. Women and their unborn babies both are valuable human beings who deserve support and attention in this time of crisis. What our world does not need is more death and destruction.