Washington Shuts Down Non-Essential Health Care, Allows Abortion Clinics to Keep Killing Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 23, 2020   |   4:11PM   |   Olympia, Washington

Unborn babies will continue to be killed in elective abortions in Washington state even though most other elective and non-urgent medical procedures have been temporarily banned.

A number of states are temporarily banning elective medical procedures to combat the coronavirus. The virus has killed thousands of people across the world, and tens of thousands more are sick. There is no vaccine or proven treatment yet, and hospitals are concerned about a shortage of medical resources and staff. Meanwhile, disability rights advocates and the elderly are concerned about medical rationing.

Despite the global health crisis, Gov. Jay Inslee, a pro-abortion Democrat, specifically allowed abortions to continue when he announced his order Thursday, The News Tribune reports.

The order bans “most joint replacements, most cataract and lens surgeries, non-urgent cardiac procedures, cosmetic procedures, some endoscopy and some interventional radiology services,” the report states. It allows exceptions for emergency situations.

“We know the health care personal protective equipment supply chain in Washington has been severely disrupted by the significant increased use of such equipment worldwide,” Inslee said. “We will do all we can to protect the women and men who protect us.”

Hospitals in the state reported they are “dangerously low” on medical supplies, and Inslee said his order would help set aside more protective equipment to treat the pandemic, according to the report.

But he also allowed abortion facilities to continue using precious medical resources to abort unborn babies. Abortion appears to be the only elective procedure specifically allowed under his order.

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Soon after the governor’s announcement, Jennifer M. Allen, chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, praised Inslee for devoting precious resources to abortions.

“Thanks @GovInslee for recognizing that reproductive health care including abortion is care that can’t wait, and for making sure it WILL continue to be available,” she wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to your smart public health decisions, Planned Parenthood stays here for our patients and communities!”

Last week, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker allowed an exception for elective abortions as well in his state. Other states have issued similar orders limiting non-essential medical procedures, but abortion facilities continue to do abortions there as well. Abortion businesses are still open in California and Pennsylvania, despite their governors’ bans on non-essential medical care. LifeNews reported about similar situations in Illinois, Maine and Puerto Rico last week.

Despite what these Democrat governors claim, abortions are almost completely elective. What’s more, they are not life-saving, they are life-destroying. An unborn baby is killed, and its mother’s life is put at risk.

So far, two states have recognized this in their efforts to combat the coronavirus. Both Texas and Ohio included abortion facilities in their bans on non-essential surgeries and procedures. However, Ohio abortion facilities are refusing to comply.