Alicia Keys: My Mother Almost Aborted Me, But I’m Glad She Chose Life

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 23, 2020   |   7:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Celebrated singer/songwriter Alicia Keys praised her mother recently for choosing life for her when she could have had an abortion.

In an interview with CBS News, the 39-year-old discussed her new book, “More Myself: A Journey,” and her mother’s courage and sacrifices to give her a better life.

She said her mother, Terry Augello, was single and working as a paralegal when she became pregnant. Struggling, she considered having an abortion.

“Even her mother said to her, ‘Terry, you never do anything easy,’” Keys said. “She was making a really big choice. And at the time, I’m sure she didn’t even know why she was making that choice exactly. But she knew it. She knew what she needed to do.”

It was not an easy decision. Keys said she grew up in one of New York City’s toughest neighborhoods, Hell’s Kitchen, and they struggled financially as a single-parent family.

“She raised a girl in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen, which looked like it sounds, you know?” Keys told CBS. “Hard, dangerous, difficult, scary.”

Though she did not always feel grateful growing up, Keys said she now truly appreciates the sacrifices that her mother made for her.

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“I can’t even imagine, as a mother today, me sending my kid off into those streets. But if you had to, I mean, what’s she gonna do? She had to go to work, I had to go to school. We had to live. That’s how it is,” she said. “I am so grateful to her for choosing me. And I really appreciate her.”

Keys now is a widely-celebrated singer, composer and pianist with 15 Grammy Awards to her name. She also is married and has two children. And it’s all because her mother chose life.