40 Days for Life Concludes After Saving 271 Babies From Abortion

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Mar 23, 2020   |   10:22AM   |   Washington, DC

It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided to end the public vigil portion of the spring 40 Days for Life campaign effective immediately due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For the remainder of the campaign, we will continue the daily emails on what has happened this campaign. During the remaining days of the campaign, we will unite in prayer, fasting, and spiritual union to pray for an end to abortion and this pandemic.

This was the toughest decision I’ve made serving as President & CEO of this lifesaving movement, but I feel it is the right one. Since we did the first campaign back in 2004, I have visited over 530 vigil locations, and the safety of your family during a campaign is and will always be my number one priority.

From the beginning of the year, we’ve been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak that has spread so rapidly. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been very proud of our team, board, and local leaders who have adjusted to keep the campaigns compliant with the CDC and the World Health Organization–all while saving babies. With the increased guidelines in various regions and countries, and, most importantly, for the safety of our families and volunteers, ending the vigil portion of the campaign at this time is the appropriate step.

Fulton Sheen often criticized the world for wanting Christ without His cross.

He said, “When we look at Christ on the cross, we feel involved.” The Coronavirus is a cross in our lives and the world right now. We all can’t help but feel involved as we adjust our own lives and unite with those health workers on the front lines, government leaders, medical professionals, and those families who are sick or have lost loved ones. We are all involved, and I pray this cross does not go without drawing my family, your family, and our broken world closer to Jesus Christ. For He can’t help but bring good out of this if we stay close to Him during this difficult time.

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Praise God for amazing results as we know of 271 babies saved from abortion through your prayers since February 26! Her are additional updates:

“I crossed this line 40 years ago, and it ruined my life!” warned a vigil participant to a couple pulling into Planned Parenthood’s parking lot in Smithtown, New York.

When the car hit the brakes, the volunteer hit her knees.

After 15 minutes of the volunteer pleading with God to save the family from abortion, the pair approached her.

“I told the couple that God would never leave them and neither would I,” she said, providing them with resources, including a home where they can stay while they get back on their feet.

Both mother and father began weeping as they chose life.

This family wasn’t the only family spared the trauma of abortion in Smithtown this Lent.

“I just want to thank you for your prayers because they are saving lives!” said a pair of young girls leaving Planned Parenthood after one of them chose life.

“The girls were all smiles–just beaming, overjoyed, and relieved,” said Ann, the sidewalk counselor. “Thank you, Lord! Our prayers are much more effective than we even realize.”

Syracuse, New York

The Syracuse 40 Days for Life team learned of THREE babies spared from abortion through their efforts. They are offering to throw baby showers for the families who have chosen life.

“[A] young woman had been crying and was very grateful to receive information about all that was offered at the pregnancy care center,” wrote Jeanie, the longtime leader. “Another mom came back to retrieve her records and told the people praying there that she was no longer going to have an abortion.”

Jeanie added that she and her team have seen the couples who choose life receive “blessing upon blessing from God.”

Kitwe, Zambia

A 12th grade student in Kitwe told vigil participants that she was being mistreated by her mother, who instructed her to get an abortion. The unborn child’s father was no help either–he ran away to another state.

But the presence of 40 Days for Life sidewalk counselors empowered her to choose life. Her baby is due in June.

“Praise God Almighty for saving another baby at our vigil last week,” said Iness, the local leader.

LifeNews.com Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.