Joe Biden: Americans Should be Forced to Fund Abortions Because Killing Babies is “Health Care”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 16, 2020   |   9:20AM   |   Washington, DC

At a time when Americans want their government to provide legitimate health care in the face of the coronavirus, Joe Biden renewed his pledge to force Americans to fund abortions with their tax dollars.

Biden has a long pro-abortion record and has repeatedly asserted during the presidential race that Americans should be required to fund killing babies in abortions. During last night’s presidential debate, Biden made it clear he thinks killing unborn babies in abortions is health care and that tax money should be used to fund abortions for women who can’t afford to end their baby’s life.

Biden formerly supported the Hyde Amendment, which has stopped taxpayer funding of abortions since the late 1970s, but he has since shifted his position to be totally and completely pro-abortion in all public policy instances.

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“It is not my view,” replied Biden. “And by the way, everybody who has been in the Congress voted for the Hyde Amendment at one point or another, because it was locked in other bills.”

Without uttering the word “abortion,” Biden said the reason he has come out in opposition to the Hyde Amendment was because, “if we’re going to have public funding for all healthcare along the line, there is no way you could allow for there to be a requirement that you have Hyde Amendment – a woman who doesn’t have the money could not have coverage under healthcare.”

Biden said he had shifted his position on the Hyde Amendment “a while ago.”

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As the former senator from Delaware, Joe Biden has a long history of supporting abortion. But one of the few things on which he ever voted pro-life was taxpayer funding of abortions. There was a time when some abortion supporters would at least not force Americans to fund abortions with their tax dollars.

That has changed.

And now Biden is in league with every other Democratic candidate for president by virtue of supporting taxpayer funding of abortions and forcing Christians and pro-life Americans to have their hard-earned tax dollars used to fund an in the lives of babies before birth.

Last May, Biden first made it clear that he would force Americans to fund abortions:

“It can’t stay,” Biden said of the Hyde amendment during an exchange with an ACLU activist earlier this month. The video of the exchange was posted by the ACLU on Twitter on May 8th but has drawn little attention since then (it was flagged by Washington Post reporter David Weigel on Sunday evening).

The radical position forcing Americans to fund abortions may put Biden in good stead with liberals voting in Democrat primaries for president. But it will ostracize him even further with everday Americans who oppose abortion funding.

A January poll conducted by Marist University finds an overwhelming majority of Americans support restrictions on abortion and would like Roe v. Wade reinterpreted to allow restrictions on abortions. It also found that three-quarters (75 percent) of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion abroad, fewer than two in 10 (19 percent) support such funding. Opposition to this funding includes most Republicans (94 percent) and independents (80 percent) and a majority of Democrats (56 percent).

By a double-digit margin, a majority of all Americans oppose any taxpayer funding of abortion (54 percent to 39 percent).