Abortion Activist Celebrates Abortions: Killing Your Baby Can Be “Transformative”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 16, 2020   |   3:59PM   |   Washington, DC

Killing an unborn baby never should be recommended an option, a “choice.”

But people who make a living doing abortions are trying to convince the public that an abortion is just as legitimate as choosing adoption or parenting.

Dominika Seidman, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences, recently wrote a column for Salon about how she helps women in difficult circumstances get abortions.

“Having an abortion can be transformative,” Seidman wrote. “If we don’t give people the opportunity to pursue the decision that is right for them, we’re compounding their trauma and creating new obstacles to recovery and wellness.”

Her work involves women in difficult circumstances: women in jail, abused women, homeless women, women who grew up in foster care. Many of the women struggle with trusting anyone, and Seidman said one of her goals is to help rebuild their trust in medical workers. Sadly, she does this by telling them it is ok to abort their unborn babies.

“Our job as doctors who provide abortion care—whether we meet patients at a shelter, clinic, hospital or anywhere else—is to provide them the care that is right for them, with compassion and free from judgment,” Seidman said.

She continued:

The first time I see a patient might be after she’s had a mandatory pregnancy test in jail, dealing with multiple blows of unexpected news. It might be in an emergency room or on the street. I let my patients know my main job is to listen and help them make decisions about the care they want and need. When someone is pregnant, that means saying, throughout the course of their pregnancy, that I am with them every step of the way no matter what they choose.

Seidman shared the story of one of her patients who was pregnant in jail. She said the woman wanted her baby, so she provided her with prenatal care. Later, however, the woman found out that she would be in jail longer than expected.

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“We discussed her options and her desires over the course of a few weeks, and she ultimately decided to have an abortion,” Seidman said. “We talked regularly to ensure that the abortion was what she really wanted. It was an incredibly emotional and intense decision for her.”

She claimed the woman now is thriving at home with her children and is thankful she had the abortion.

No matter what she claims, Seidman let that woman down. She lets down every woman who she helps get an abortion. Rather than providing the much more self-sacrificial, time- and resource-consuming support that these women and their babies need, she tells women that there is nothing wrong with having an abortion. She probably does not tell women that their abortions destroy the lives of unique, irreplaceable human beings, their own children. She probably does not tell women that pro-life pregnancy centers provide free, long-term resources and support for mothers who choose life for their babies. Instead, she tells them abortion is a perfectly legitimate option.

But abortions do not transform lives, they destroy them. And Seidman’s patients deserve to know the truth.