Bernie Sanders Rolls Out New Campaign Plan: Free Abortions for Everyone

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 9, 2020   |   2:02PM   |   Washington, DC

Bernie Sanders is radically pro-abortion. He’s also a Socialist. So his new campaign plan should not be surprising: Free abortions for everyone!

Sanders, like most Democrats, may talk a good game about health care for everyone and supporting women, but Sanders has no plan to provide health care for unborn children and instead of supporting pregnant women he merely pushes abortions. But Sanders doesn’t want abortions to just be legal and available for any reason up to birth, he wants them to be free — completely paid for at taxpayer expense.

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To begin, Sanders’ plan promises that, under his signature “Medicare for All” plan, “the Hyde Amendment will be repealed and all reproductive health services will be provided free at the point of service.” Of course, the government cannot really make any commodity or service truly “free,” but merely change how it is paid for and who pays for it, meaning that this would leave American taxpayers to pick up the tab for all abortion services.

But the proposal talks about more than covering the cost of abortion. It adds that a Sanders administration would also invert one of President Trump’s more combatted pro-life policies — stripping abortion providers of Title X funding — by turning that defunding effort on pro-life pregnancy resource centers and threatening to strip them of Title X and “other government funds.” At the same time, the proposal also pledges to defend and increase government funding for Planned Parenthood — America’s largest abortion provider.

Sanders’ plan drew praise from NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue, who called it “robust” and “a very solid plan on its merits” while saying the organization “would like to see the same” from rival candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

This isn’t the first time Sanders has proposed free abortions, this is just some shiny new packaging of the same theme. His “Medicare for All” plan he introduced last year would guarantee taxpayers fund all abortions while eliminating the conscience rights of millions of health care professionals. Repealing the Hyde Amendment is “front and center” in the bill.

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The Hyde Amendment has largely prevented federal Medicaid dollars from paying for abortions and for over 40 decades has garnered widespread, bipartisan support. According to the most recent Marist polling, on the subject a supermajority — 60 percent — oppose tax dollars financing abortions in the U.S., with just 36 percent in support. This includes 60 percent of women. A study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, which is the best research available, indicates that the Hyde Amendment has saved over 2 million unborn children since 1976.

Even though the Hyde Amendment still has strong backing, the leadership in the Democratic Party wants to do away with it. In 2016, Democrats called for an end to the Hyde Amendment in their party platform and Democrats in the House and Senate have made sure that their legislation reflects that radical position.

Section 701 of Sanders’ Medicare for all is titled “Universal Medicare Trust Fund” and states that “any other provision of law in effect on the date of enactment of this Act restricting the use of Federal funds for any reproductive health service shall not apply to monies in the Trust Fund.” Since Hyde restricts federal funds from being used toward abortion, section 701 is effectively stating that Hyde doesn’t apply to Medicare funds.

It’s a shame Sanders is totally unable to come up with any plan to actually help improve health care in America and provide tangible support to pregnant women. They deserve better than merely killing their children at no cost.