St. Paul, Minnesota Approves Special Day to Honor Abortionists Who Kill Babies in Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 6, 2020   |   11:09AM   |   St. Paul, Minnesota

The politicians who govern Minnesota’s capital city honored abortionists who kill unborn babies Wednesday in a special resolution.

The Pioneer Press reports the St. Paul City Council unanimously passed the resolution to recognize March 10 as Abortion Providers Appreciation Day.

Council members timed the resolution to coincide with a U.S. Supreme Court case about a Louisiana abortion law, according to the local news. The high court heard oral arguments in the case Wednesday to determine whether states may require abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges for patient emergencies and whether abortion businesses may sue on behalf of their patients. A ruling is expected in June.

In the resolution, the St. Paul politicians expressed outrage at the new pro-life laws that are being passed to protect unborn babies and mothers.

“The Supreme Court of the United States now contains a majority of Justices who may not interpret the Constitution to provide protection for the right to end a pregnancy and may overturn or severely limit Roe v. Wade, which includes the threat of women patients and abortion providers being arrested and sent to jail,” the resolution states.

The resolution also implied that pro-life advocates are violent criminals who attack abortionists and their staff, though the opposite is true. Pro-lifers work to end violence, especially the violence of abortion against unborn babies.

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In a letter to the editor, local resident Barbara Seery described the impact of this violence by citing state abortion statistics.

“I can think of 10,000 Minnesotans from this past year, plus 9,000+ Minnesotans from the year prior, plus 10,000+ Minnesotans from the year prior to that, etc. (or ad nauseam), who will not be celebrating the St. Paul City Council’s newly approved Abortion Providers Appreciation Day,” she wrote.

About 10,000 unborn babies are aborted every year in Minnesota, according to the state Department of Health.

Abortion is a billion-dollar industry, and abortionists and their staff make money selling abortions to vulnerable women who are struggling with difficult circumstances. Rather than provide compassion and support, they take the women’s money, kill their unborn babies and then turn them back out into the world to fend for themselves. That is not worthy of praise.

Pro-life advocates, in contrast, provide real support to mothers and babies in need, expecting nothing in return. Pregnancy resource centers provide free resources, including ultrasounds, diapers, maternity clothes and more. They connect families to public support programs, and they encourage and support them through the struggles.

Abortion kills a unique, living human being and often injures the mother permanently. It even can affect the health of future children. This barbaric practice should be condemned, not celebrated. Unborn babies deserve a right to life.

ACTION ALERT: Contact the St. Paul City Council with your condemnation of this special day to honor those who kill unborn children.