Pro-Life Advocate Dies in Crash, His Last Act Was Telling Politicians to Listen to God and Stop Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 26, 2020   |   5:42PM   |   Providence, Rhode Island

Unborn babies lost a champion for their rights when a well-known Rhode Island pro-life advocate died Tuesday in a vehicle accident.

The Providence Journal reports Christopher F. Young, 51, of Narragansett, died just hours after urging state lawmakers to pass heartbeat legislation to protect unborn babies.

On Wednesday, his wife, Kara, said he appeared to have had a heart attack while driving home from the state capital.

“It was a medical event that happened while he was driving on the highway (most likely a heart attack), when we were coming home after we all testified in favor of the fetal heartbeat bill at the Rhode Island State House,” Kara Young wrote on Facebook.

Rhode Island State Police confirmed Christopher Young died in a vehicle crash Tuesday on Route 95 South in Cranston, according to the report.

Young was well known as a pro-life advocate in Rhode Island. His last act in life was to urge lawmakers to protect unborn babies from abortion.

On Tuesday, Young asked the state House Judiciary Committee to pass a resolution “recognizing the fetus as a human life upon the existence of a heartbeat,” the report states.

“When will we realize we will suffer a judgment from allowing these babies to be tortured, allowing these babies to be murdered, denying the humanity of these babies?” Young told lawmakers. “God will judge you much more harshly if you do not let the entire House and Senate vote.”

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His wife said she believes his passion took a toll on his health.

“He was fighting against the horrific tide of abortion-lust at the Statehouse, and asking for legislators to put these innocent babies before themselves for once,” Kara Young said. “I believe that his consistent passion, commitment, and bravery ultimately took a toll on his heart.”

Photos from the newspaper show Young regularly spoke out against abortion at the state capital, and he ran for office several times.

He also is survived by a young daughter.