40 Days for Life Starts in 507 Cities as People Around the World Pray to End Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 26, 2020   |   12:21PM   |   Washington, DC

40 Days for Life, the global phenomenon that has seen millions of people across the planet pray to end abortion, is back. The Spring 2020 campaign launches today in 507 cities worldwide as people from all cultures come together to pray for unborn children to be protected from abortion.

The 40 Days for Life campaign has had incredible results. Some 16,742 babies have been saved from abortion, that they know of since 2007. Another 106 abortion centers have closed and 196 abortion center employees have quit their jobs.

And Shawn Carney, the president of 40 Days for Life, says he hopes the numbers keep growing.

“40 Days for Life starts TODAY in 507 cities around the globe. The abortion industry’s internal data reveal that when you visit 40daysforlife.com/location, find the vigil nearest you, sign up, and go out to pray…the no-show rate for abortion appointments can go as high as 755,” he said.

Carney kicked off the latest campaign in Maryland, where over 1,000 people participated in a local March for Life.

“40 Days for Life participants in Maryland are fired up and ready to pray for an end to abortion. More than 1,000 pro-lifers joined the Maryland March for Life Monday night. Local vigil leaders from across the state signed up new volunteers to pray at their vigils while 40 Days for Life Board Chairman and General Counsel Matt Britton spoke to the massive crowd,” Carney said. “Proposed legislation targeting unborn children in Maryland helped bolster turnout–and provided one more indicator that this year will mark a turning point in the struggle to end abortion.”

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40 Days for Life has gone global since its humble beginnings in Texas. Carney provided reports about prayer campaigns in Canada and Serbia:

Windsor, Ontario: Nearly a year after its theatrical release, Windsor campaign leader Laurie is still using the Unplanned film to recruit new volunteers!

She’s hosted two screenings–and still has two more to go. Attendance has been high so far with more than 150 people coming out to see the movie. Most attendees were new to the campaign.

Laurie said the film’s success in the Windsor area over the last year has opened new doors at new churches. At one of those churches, a “Signup Sunday” outreach led to more than 100 people signing up to pray.

“I am overwhelmed! This is just a complete miracle!” she said.

Novi Sad, Serbia:

Nikoleta in Novi Sad, Serbia reported that her city’s first campaign is off to a great start.

She and her team launched the vigil with an event featuring pro-life giveaways, catering, fellowship, speeches, and a question-and-answer session.

“We were so happy!” Nikoleta said.

The largest ever 40 Days for Life campaign ended last Fall with 454 babies confirmed to be saved from abortions. Here’s hoping for more this time.