Student: Doctors Said My Mom Should Abort Me Because I Was Born With No Hand, I’m Glad She Chose Life

National   |   Mary Margaret Olohan   |   Feb 24, 2020   |   6:50PM   |   Washington, DC

A high school student born without a fully formed arm said she is “happy to be alive,” thankful for every day and grateful that her mother chose life.

A doctor offered Marin Carter’s mother an opportunity to abort her when they found out that the baby’s arm would not fully develop during the fourth month of pregnancy. But Carter’s mother chose to give birth to her daughter instead, 17-year-old Carter said.

Carter shared her story in a viral TikTok video Sunday and explained how she chatted with friends about her thoughts on President Donald Trump and abortion. The conversation led her to speak out about her beliefs, she said.

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“I enjoy every day that I’m alive and sometimes, yeah, I get caught up in the emotions, but I’m happy to be alive, and I’m glad that I was born this way,” Carter said in the video.

“I’m glad that God made me this way and gives me challenges, gives me things that I have to face,” she added. “Every day is a gift from God, and it just pains me that some people will take that away from their children and take their children’s lives.”

The high school student also gave a shoutout to Trump in her TikTok video, adding with a grin, “So I just want to say, Trump 2020!”

“Trump loves America just as much as I do,” she told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “He speaks his mind which most candidates are afraid to do.”

“He just respects American citizens’ lives more,” she added.

Carter explained Monday to the DCNF that she is “very grateful” that her mother chose life instead of aborting her. At 17 years old, Carter has played soccer since age 3. She is a high school athlete who plans on attending a southern college soon.

“Without my mom and dad, I would not have had the opportunities that I have been given today,” she said. “They support me in anything I want to try. Having been born this way, I don’t know any different, and I believe I am unique, not disabled.”

The high school student grew up in the small Georgia town of Brunswick, she said.

“Being in such a small town, I never saw other people who were like me. Social media wasn’t really around until I was in middle school and that’s when everything started to hit,” she explained, regarding why she chose to speak out on a social media platform about her story and her thoughts on abortion.

“That’s when I moved to a bigger city with my family, and things were different,” she continued. “I want kids like me to know that they are not alone and they need to be comfortable with who they are.”

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