Censorship: Buses Take Down Pro-Life Group’s Ads After Abortion Activists Complain

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 21, 2020   |   7:12PM   |   Guelph, Ontario

Abortion activists are working to undermine basic human rights beyond the right to life for unborn babies. Religious freedom and freedom of speech also are targets of their radical agenda.

Recently in Ontario, Canada, the City of Guelph caved to abortion activists’ demands to remove bus ads educating the public about the humanity of the unborn child, according to Guelph Today.

The ad shows a pregnant woman on one side and a woman holding a newborn baby on the other. It states, “Human rights should not depend on where you are. Say no to abortion.” The Guelph & Area Right to Life organization paid for the ads to run on Guelph Transit buses.

Leading the pro-abortion lobbying was Guelph resident Fiona Douglas. According to the local news, she has been complaining for years about the pro-life ads.

Recently, she said she and several other abortion activists complained to the city that the new bus ads are both “triggering” and “misleading” because they make people think unborn babies are human.

Though there is a scientific consensus that human life begins at conception, the city agreed with Douglas, the report states.

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Here’s more from the report:

In its written decision, Ad Standards said the advertiser, Guelph & Area Right to Life, responded that the ad is an opinion piece and that the complaint is conflating the word ‘human’ for ‘person.’ Personhood is a legal concept, said Right to Life in the decision, while ‘human’ is a biological one.

The council looked to Criminal Code of Canada to assess the meaning of human, finding that a child becomes human according to the law only after live birth. As such, the advertisement in question was found to be misleading.

Ad Standards further said in its decision that the advertisement does not demean or disparage women who have had or are considering an abortion and the imagery in no way offended the standards of public decency.

The city recently removed the two ads, but it allowed the pro-life organization to replace them with two others, according to the report.

Douglas’s statements suggested she may keep pressuring the city until it stops running pro-life ads altogether. She claimed she believes in freedom of speech unless that speech may be upsetting to people. But that is not freedom of speech at all. Freedom of speech is important precisely because some people may become upset and angry at others professing ideas with which they disagree.

Censorship of pro-life views is growing both in print and online. LifeNews has documented numerous reports of pro-life voices being silenced in recent years, including:

ACTION: Complain to the City of Guelph by clicking here.