Trump Cut Planned Parenthood’s Funding, Now It Wants More States to Give It Your Tax Dollars

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 18, 2020   |   6:27PM   |   Washington, DC

Some state taxpayers could be forced to give money to Planned Parenthood after President Donald Trump defunded it through the Title X program last year.

Breitbart reports the billion-dollar abortion giant is lobbying state lawmakers to make up the federal funding cut with tax dollars from their own states.

New Jersey already has done so. In January, Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill forcing taxpayers to pay an additional $9.5 million to the Planned Parenthood abortion chain in their state.

Lawmakers in Maine, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are facing similar pressure.

The Trump administration defunded Planned Parenthood through the Title X program in 2019, cutting off about $60 million to the nation’s largest abortion chain. Title X provides family planning services to low-income individuals, including birth control, cancer screenings and other services. The new Trump administration rule ensures that Title X funds are not used to subsidize abortions.

Planned Parenthood could have continued to receive Title X funds if it had given up doing abortions or completely separated its abortion business from its actual health services. But it refused – choosing to prioritize the killing of unborn babies over providing actual health care to low-income patients.

Maine State Rep. Lawrence Lockman, a pro-life Republican, told Breitbart about a new bill in his state legislature that would restore about $3 million to Planned Parenthood through state taxpayer funds.

He said state Democrat Speaker of the House Sara Gideon is pushing for the legislation. She also recently received Planned Parenthood’s endorsement in her political campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican, according to the report.

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“This story is so disgusting on so many levels,” Lockman said. “There may not be a quid pro quo at work here, but it sure smells swampy. Gideon gets endorsed by the abortion industry, and quickly follows up with a bill to stuff the abortion providers’ pockets with Maine tax dollars.”

He continued: “Gideon’s push for Maine taxpayers to pony up $3 million to abortion providers, at a time when over a thousand seriously disabled and elderly Mainers languish on the notorious Medicaid waitlists, is disgusting. Under her leadership, the legislature has refused repeated requests to fully fund medical care for these individuals. Gideon would rather kill new Mainers in the womb than provide needed medical care for old Mainers. The only relief Gideon and her party have offered Mainers on waitlists is assisted suicide, passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Mills last year.”

Meanwhile, the Democrat governors of Pennsylvania and Connecticut are pushing funding for Planned Parenthood through their state budget proposals, even though their states also are struggling financially.

Planned Parenthood’s annual reports indicate that it does not need the money. Nationally, its annual reports show shrinking patient numbers and very limited medical services, coupled with increases in abortions, taxpayer funding and a record $1.6 billion in revenue. It’s becoming apparent that Planned Parenthood’s focus is abortion, and tax dollars do fund its vast abortion business.

Planned Parenthood is a $1.6 billion dollar “nonprofit” that did more than 345,000 abortions last year. It also donates tens of millions of dollars to pro-abortion politicians’ campaigns.