Man Jailed for Repeatedly Kicking His Pregnant Girlfriend, “I’m Going to Kick [The Baby] Out of You”

International   |   SPUC   |   Feb 17, 2020   |   4:15PM   |   London, England

An abusive boyfriend has been jailed for almost three years after threatening to kick his unborn baby out of his pregnant girlfriend during a vicious attack.

Margaret Akers, SPUC Campaign Research Officer said: “Trying to kick an unborn baby out of the womb shows a shocking level of violence. We cannot ignore the evidence that violence against pregnant women and their unborn children is mounting.”

Boyfriend, Francis McDonagh from Buncrana County Donegal, appeared at Letterkenny Court where he was charged for attacking his girlfriend, who was five months pregnant.

The court heard how during an argument the 22- year-old assailant repeatedly kicked his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach, whilst shouting “I’m going to kick it out of you.”

Passing the sentence, Judge John Aylmer said that is was lucky that McDonagh did not cause serious injury to his girlfriend or the unborn child.

McDonagh has been sentenced to two years and nine months for the assault.

Mrs Akers added: “Intimate partner violence often starts or gets worse during pregnancy. And statistics now show that murder has become a leading cause of death for pregnant woman. It is vital that more is done to protect vulnerable pregnant women.”

Mounting violence against pregnant women and children

Statistics from the US health institute Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that murder has become one of the leading causes of death for pregnant women.

SPUC has reported on violence against pregnant women surfacing in Britain.

In 2016 a 22 year-old man kicked and stamped on his pregnant girlfriend’s stomach when she was eight months pregnant because she refused to have an abortion.

Similarly, in 2016, a 41-year-old man was jailed for repeatedly stabbing his pregnant girlfriend who was also eight months pregnant.

LifeNews Note: Courtesy of SPUC. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a leading pro-life organization in the United Kingdom.