He Was Conceived in Rape But He’s Glad He Wasn’t Aborted. He Did Not Deserve Death for His Father’s Crime

National   |   SPUC   |   Feb 7, 2020   |   11:53AM   |   San Francisco, California

A man who was conceived by rape has spoken out against activists using the ‘rape exception’ to justify abortion. “How I was conceived, doesn’t define who I am”, he said.

Nathan, alongside his birth mother Kathy Folan, addressed the crowds at the West Coast March for Life with a moving testimony.

Ms Folan told the crowds how 30 years previous she was raped whilst a junior at College. Ms Folan and her son, Nathan spent six days together after his birth before she passed him to an adoptive family. Ms Folan made visits to see Nathan with his adoptive family.

Ms Folan said: “Seeing him with a family I could not provide, I knew then with 100% certainty that I had made the right decision for him. Two weeks after I returned from that trip, completely at peace with my decision”

Her son Nathan then addressed the crowds to defend his very existence and speak out against the ‘rape exception.’

Nathan said: “Often when you hear the pro-life/pro-abortion debate, what is disheartening is that even some of those who identify as pro-life make a little exception.  You’ve heard it before … ‘I am pro-life except, except in cases of rape.’

“I want everyone to realize ––especially the ‘excepters’–– that you’re talking about me, and everyone like me.  Life is life, no exceptions.  Life is a gift, no exceptions.  Life is precious, no exceptions.

“How I was conceived, doesn’t define who I am.  What has formed me is the courageous choice of my birth mother and my adoptive parents:  They chose adoption, she chose life.  And every blessing I’ve had flows from this choice.

“We are called to build the pro-life generation by living pro-life lives, and to witness to those around us so that they can see it and live it as well.  We must not leave a legacy of endings, but rather a legacy of beginnings and hope. “

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Conceived in rape. Targeted for abortion. Protected by law

SPUC’s 2020 Youth Conference is proud to promote Rebecca Kiessling as a keynote speaker.

Rebecca Kiessling was adopted not long after her birth.  Aged 18 she discovered that she was conceived out of a brutal rape at knife-point by a serial rapist. She has been an international pro-life speaker since 1995. Thousands of people have heard her story and come to understand that no unborn child should be killed because of the circumstances of their conception.

LifeNews Note: Courtesy of SPUC. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a leading pro-life organization in the United Kingdom.