WATCH: Pro-Abortion Students Caught Stealing Flag Display to Mourn Babies Killed in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 4, 2020   |   5:00PM   |   Washington, DC

Police at the University of Florida are investigating the vandalism of a pro-life display that students set up to remember the unborn babies who are killed in abortions in the U.S.

The Washington Examiner reports students with the Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Florida set up the “abortion graveyard” in January near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that forced states to legalize abortions.

The display, which students received a permit to set up on campus, included 1,000 pink flags to symbolize the number of unborn babies who are legally killed in abortions every day in America, according to the report.

Philip Smith, a student leader of the conservative group, said about 10 pro-abortion protesters vandalized the display and stole the flags not long after they set it up.

“We try to give a somber memorial to these poor babies, and we’re met with a student body that’s so averse to opposing ideas that they would steal a thousand flags before hearing us out,” Smith said.

The University of Florida Police Department confirmed that they are investigating.

A video shows the pro-abortion protesters ripping the flags out of the ground and walking away with them. Pro-life student Haley Rosel tells the pro-abortion protesters that they had permission for the display and asks them to “please give them back.”

Here’s more from the report:

“Anyone can say they have a permit,” the student who allegedly took the flags responded.

“So should I go steal that bike since I don’t have any proof that it’s not supposed to be there?” said YAF member Christopher Rill.

“Go do it! Go do it,” the protesters responded.

“It’s not free to vandalize someone’s property and steal it and then run away,” Rill can be heard saying before the video ends.

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The Florida pro-life students are not the only victims. recorded more than 100 reports of assault, vandalism, harassment and other incidents targeting pro-life advocates in 2019. Our news outlet began tracking these reports after pro-life organizations expressed alarm about an uptick in violence in recent years.

The most egregious incidents included a pro-life banner being set on fire inside a college building in Washington state, a bomb threat at a 40 Days for Life event, multiple assaults of elderly pro-lifers that led to hospitalization, and an elected official publicly bullying young teenage girls and then posting a video of it on the internet.

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