President Trump Hits Highest Job Approval Ever, Despite Attacks From Pro-Abortion Democrats

Opinion   |   Dave Andrusko   |   Feb 4, 2020   |   8:32PM   |   Washington, DC

Say you are a pro-abortion Democrat. As of today there are 276 days before the November 6th elections and your #1 priority in life is to defeat President Trump. How about we do a little compare and contrast?

Consider these two headlines from today’s Washington Post

“Technical snags fuel chaos at caucuses”

“In Iowa, a drama becomes a farce”

And this from today’s New York Times

“Iowa’s unholy mess.”

And there are far more critical headlines that combine anger and paranoia about the results [or lack thereof] being “rigged.”

Compare those headlines with this today from the less-than-Trump-friendly Gallup poll:

Trump Job Approval at Personal Best 49%

Three + years of non-stop hyper-personal criticism from almost the entirety of the news media and President Trump has reached 49% job approval. And, Jeffrey Jones tells us, the poll was taken “in the midst of the Senate impeachment trial,” so you could hardly say the survey came at the best possible time for President Trump.

So how did President Trump reach 49%?

According to Jones, because of near-uniform support among Republicans and courtesy of a growing number of Independents:

Trump’s approval rating has risen because of higher ratings among both Republicans and independents. His 94% approval rating among Republicans is up six percentage points from early January and is three points higher than his previous best among his fellow partisans. The 42% approval rating among independents is up five points, and ties three other polls as his best among that group.

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But the Gallup numbers are not just great news for President Trump.

As Trump’s job approval rating has improved, so has the image of the Republican Party. Now, 51% of Americans view the Republican Party favorably, up from 43% in September. It is the first time GOP favorability has exceeded 50% since 2005.

Meanwhile, 45% of Americans have a positive opinion of the Democratic Party, a slight dip from 48% in September.


the poll finds 48% of Americans identifying as Republicans or leaning toward that party, compared with 44% Democratic identification or leaning. Recent Gallup polls had shown a fairly even partisan distribution, after the Democratic Party held advantages for much of 2019.

The most important of Jones’ conclusions is (of course) buried at the end:

If Trump’s higher approval rating is being driven by Americans giving him credit for improvements in the economy, his support may increase over the course of the year, as it did for Ronald Reagan in 1984, Clinton in 1996 and Barack Obama in 2012. All of those recent presidents held office during periods of sustained economic improvement and were re-elected with job approval ratings of better than 50%.

There are many other components we could highlight but consider this in conclusion. Scott Rasmussen’s daily poll of presidential approval among likely voters is traditionally dismissed (unfairly) as too favorable to President Trump.

Today’s Rasmussen figure of presidential approval is 48%, one point lower than Gallup’s. Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in at National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.