Abortion Doula Proudly Holds Women’s Hands as Their Babies are Killed in Abortions

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 31, 2020   |   4:52PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Shannon Hardy wants to end the “stigma” associated with aborting unborn babies.

A Canadian “abortion doula,” she recently spoke with CBC Radio about volunteering to help women in Nova Scotia have abortions.

Though Canada allows unrestricted abortions up to birth and forces taxpayers to pay for them, it’s not enough for Hardy. She claimed there still are too many “barriers,” and her abortion doula work helps to break them down.

A social worker from Halifax, she began serving as a birth doula in 2012, according to the report.

In the course of her work, she said she found out that there were no abortion facilities on Prince Edward Island and no taxpayer funding for the expenses of traveling somewhere else for an abortion. That made her upset, and she began offering doula services for abortion as well.

Doulas are not medical professionals, but they provide extra support services to pregnant and parenting mothers. As an abortion doula with Abortion Support Services Atlantic, Hardy said she provides practical and emotional support by answering questions, helping women travel to appointments, finding lodging for them, if necessary, and sometimes holding their hands and supporting them during the actual abortion procedure.

“… we don’t believe abortion is in and of itself traumatic,” Hardy said. “What we believe is that these systems — we have to go through the hoops — those things are traumatic because they exist on every level.”

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She blamed social “stigma” for any trauma that women may experience from abortions. To her, it has nothing to do with the death of an unborn child.

Hardy speaks boldly about her work, believing that talking more about abortion – though, of course, never mentioning what an abortion actually is – will make it more acceptable to society.

“Being very public about what I do … people immediately felt a safety in that,” she said.

She suggested that schools should promote abortion in sexual education classes, and pro-lifers should not be outside of abortion facilities encouraging women to choose life. She also hinted that conscience protections for pro-life doctors should go away, and they should be forced to abort unborn babies even if they believe it is wrong.

“I would really, really like us to look at our conscientious objector allowances for doctors,” Hardy said when asked about the future.

It sounds like what really happens is that Hardy and other abortion doulas shroud vital facts about abortion from women in their attempts to “normalize” the killing of unborn babies.

Trauma from abortion is very real, and it is not caused by “stigma.” Numerous studies have linked abortion to mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide. Abortion trauma comes from the fact that an abortion kills a living, unique human being – the woman’s own child. Countless women have been deceived into thinking that an abortion is just a simple medical procedure and their unborn baby is a blob of cells, only to learn too late that they were wrong.

Women deserve better. They deserve to know the truth that an abortion kills a baby’s life, that an abortion can hurt their own health, and that real support is available to mothers who choose life for their babies.