Baby Born With Brain Outside His Skull Celebrates His First Birthday After Mom Rejects Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 29, 2020   |   7:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Texas mom Omobolo Gordan just wants the world to know that her son’s life is valuable even though he has a disability.

Gordan recently told the British Metro that she rejected abortion for her son Ozzie, and today he is thriving at home.

“We really just hope to give him the best life possible. God willing, he lives a long time. We strive to make it as normal as possible for him and to embrace his differences among his peers,” his mother said.

Gordan, who lives in Houston, Texas but grew up in England, said she and her husband, Checotah, were excited when they found out that they were pregnant in 2018. She said everything about the pregnancy seemed normal until her 20-week ultrasound scan.

She said the medical workers noticed problems with Ozzie’s head and thought he might have anencelphaly or microcephaly, both severe disorders that affect the brain. Though they did not give Ozzie an exact diagnosis, they did suggest an abortion to his mother, according to the report.

She refused.

On Oct. 1, 2018, Ozzie was born with part of his brain outside of his skull, a condition known as encephalocele, the report states.

The condition causes developmental delays and seizures, and Ozzie may never walk; but his parents still believe his life is valuable. They expressed joy recently at being able to celebrate his first birthday.

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“People are always telling us how much of a miracle and a blessing Ozzie is to our family. Surprisingly, people in public always have something positive to say,” Gordan said.

Though the first few months after he was born were difficult, Gordan said she soon found encouragement in connecting with other families of children with encephalocele.

“We have had other special needs parents some that we know and some that we don’t know reach out to us and express their gratitude of us doing the right thing by Ozzie and being there for him and loving him the way we do,” she said.

The family believes telling Ozzie’s story will help raise awareness and encourage other families going through similar struggles.

“We hope that he can be a vessel to touching people’s hearts and being an example that miracles do happen and special children deserve just as much love and care as other children.

“I think that very often people think they are going through things alone and really it’s not until we speak up and people are more informed that they can then reach out and show you the love and support you didn’t know you needed,” she continued. “It is amazing to see strangers from other parts of the world reach out to me and say how much they are supporting us and praying for Ozzie. That feeling is just unbeatable.”

Families often feel pressured to abort unborn babies like Ozzie, but the Gordons’ story demonstrates that every child’s life is valuable.