Pete Buttigieg Tells Pro-Life Democrat She’s Not Welcome in the Democratic Party

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 27, 2020   |   10:42AM   |   Washington, DC

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg refused to welcome pro-life Democrats into his party Sunday during a Fox News town hall meeting.

Though most Americans do not share his belief that abortions should be legal for any reason up to birth, the South Bend, Indiana mayor would not compromise – even as he tries to court swing voters, according to CNN.

Fox News Wilmington reports pro-life Democrat Kristen Day asked Buttigieg if he would welcome her and millions of other pro-life Democrats by adding “big tent” language to the party platform.

“So, do you want the support of pro-life Democrats, pro-life Democratic voters? There are about 21 million of us, and if so, would you support more moderate platform language in the Democratic Party to ensure that the party of diversity and inclusion really does include everybody?” asked Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life.

Buttigieg responded without giving a direct answer. According to the Daily Wire, he emphasized that he is “pro-choice” on abortion and supports the party platform.

“I know that the difference of opinion that you and I have is one that we have come by honestly and the best that I can offer … is that if we can’t agree on where to draw the line, the next best thing we can do is agree on who should draw the line, and in my view it’s the woman who’s faced with that decision in her own life,” he said.

Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Day if Buttigieg’s answer was satisfactory, and she said no.

Day pointed to language in the Democratic Party platform that basically excludes pro-life Democrats. The platform calls for supporting unrestricted abortions up to birth and forcing taxpayers to fund them, and Democrat leaders have been debating a pro-abortion litmus test for candidates for several years now.

“In 1996 and several years after that, there was a language in the Democratic platform that said that we understand that people have very differing views on this issue, but we are a big tent party that includes everybody and so therefore we welcome you … so we can work on issues that we agree on,” she said.

“So my question was would you be open to language like that in the Democratic platform that really did say that our party is diverse and inclusive and we want everybody?” Day continued.

Buttigieg’s answer basically was no.

“Well I support the position of my party, that this kind of medical care needs to be available to everyone,” he said, “and I support the Roe vs. Wade framework that holds that early in pregnancy there are very few restrictions and late in pregnancy there are very few exceptions, and again the best I can offer is that we may disagree on that very important issue and hopefully we will be able to partner on other issues.”

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The Democratic Party has grown increasingly extreme on abortion, and there are few pro-life Democrat lawmakers left in office. Like Buttigieg, all of the top Democrat presidential candidates support abortion on demand up to birth and want to force taxpayers to pay for them.

But that is not where most voters stand on the abortion issue. Two new polls from Marist and Gallup show strong public opposition to abortion on demand.

According to Marist, more than six in 10 Americans (62%) say that if the Supreme Court revisits Roe v. Wade it should allow states to determine restrictions (46%) or make abortion illegal (16%). Only 33% of Americans say Roe v. Wade should be interpreted to allow for legal abortion any time without restriction.

Gallup found that 58 % of Americans are not satisfied with current abortion laws, and more want stricter laws that limit or ban abortions.

The Democratic Party has not always been so extreme on abortion. The party, which prides itself in fighting for the vulnerable, once welcomed strong pro-life politicians who fought for the rights of unborn babies. In recent years, however, it has shifted to align itself closely with the abortion industry, which contributes millions of dollars to Democratic candidates.