Louisiana Named Most Pro-Life State in the Country, Vermont Most Pro-Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 27, 2020   |   12:52PM   |   Washington, DC

Americans United for Life has released its annual report about the most pro-life and pro-abortion states when it comes to passing pro-life legislation that protects women and unborn children. This year, Louisiana was named most pro-life and Vermont most pro-abortion.

This year, Louisiana has gained the highly coveted number one ranking, closely followed by Arkansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas. Each of those states have either been named the most pro-life state in the nation previously or been in the top 5 on AUL’s annual list. Vermont remained at the bottom of the list where it has been previously, followed by New Jersey, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

AUL’s decision to place Louisiana at the top of the list was based on the strong Louisiana pro-life legislation passed in 2019, Louisiana’s role in the upcoming June Medical Services v. Gee Supreme Court case, the presence of the Love Life Constitutional Amendment on the 2020 ballot, and the continued bipartisan commitment to the pro-life cause.

“This year, we are excited to announce that Louisiana has gained our highly coveted #1 ranking this year,” AUL said. Sadly, Vermont earned the tragic, dead-last place in our Life List 2020 ranking as the state where women and their children, and vulnerable persons across the spectrum of life issues, have the fewest legal protections.”

Catherine Glenn Foster, President & CEO of Americans United for Life told LifeNews.com that she is encouraged by the number of states passing pro-life laws to save babies from abortion.

“Working with state leaders and lawmakers to create the Life List this year has been so encouraging because it is clear that Life is winning in our country. There is so much to be thankful for throughout the list this year, but the bipartisan, courageous, life-affirming work accomplished by legislators and pro-life advocates in Louisiana is truly a marvel. The fact that through the efforts of pro-life advocacy in the state of Louisiana, the United States Supreme Court is set to speak to the life issue for the first time in years is to be strongly commended,” Foster said.

Steve Aden, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel at Americans United for Life, said that lawmakers across the country are continuing to fight back against an “increasingly corporate abortion and suicide industries that appear determined to put profit margins before the health and safety of women, children, and vulnerable persons.”

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Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, told LifeNews.com he’s glad his state earned the top spot as the most pro-life.

“We are thankful that Louisiana has been named the most pro-life state in the nation by Americans United for Life,” he said.

Clapper added: “In Louisiana, we are proud of our commitment to the protection of every human life and the safeguarding of the health and safety of mothers. We appreciate our Legislature and Gov. Edwards for their steadfast and bipartisan dedication to life as evidenced by pro-life laws enacted in 2019. We also applaud our Attorney General Jeff Landry and his team for their tireless resolve in defending these laws, even to the halls of the Supreme Court. Most importantly, though, we are thankful lives are being saved every day, as Louisiana has seen a 21 percent decrease in abortions in Louisiana since 2014. We will continue to fight until every life is protected by law and welcomed with love in our nation.”

“With the upcoming June Medical Services v. Gee case at the Supreme Court, and the Nov. 3 vote on our Love Life Constitutional Amendment, 2020 will be perhaps the most significant year for the Louisiana pro-life cause. We look forward to working with our citizens to protect babies and help mothers so that every life is welcomed with love and protected by law in Louisiana,” Clapper continued.

The following is a review of pro-life legislation passed into law in 2019:

  • HB 425: The Love Life Constitutional Amendment:
  • Passed the Legislature by a 2/3 margin and sent to Secretary of State as Act 447. The amendment will be on the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot, where it will need a majority vote to be placed in the Louisiana Constitution.
  • This amendment ensures that there is no right to abortion or the taxpayer funding of abortion in our state constitution. Learn more at at www.LoveLifeVoteYes.com.
  • SB 184: Unborn Child Heartbeat Protection Act
  • Passed the Legislature and signed by the governor as Act 31.
  • Prohibits the abortion of an unborn human being with a detectable heartbeat. The enforcement of the law is contingent on federal litigation centered on a similar law in Mississippi.
  • HB 484: Protection of Patient Records at Abortion Facilities Act
  • Passed the Legislature and signed by governor as Act 435.
  • Establishes requirements for abortion facilities to preserve medical records of women upon whom abortions are performed. Especially for minors who are having an abortion due to sexual assault, it is crucial that abortion facilities have these medical record details and are required to report the abuse.
  • HB 133: Chemical Abortion Regulation Act
  • Passed the Legislature and signed by the governor as Act 376.
  • This legislation ensures that the licensing and regulation of abortion will apply equally to providers of all methods of abortion, including both surgical and chemical abortions.
  • HB 143: Evie’s Law
  • Passed the Legislature and signed by the governor as Act 57.
  • This legislation ensures that persons with disabilities, such as those with Down syndrome, are not discriminated against when it comes to organ transplants.
  • SB 221: Abortion Physician Disclosure Act
  • Passed the Legislature and signed by the governor as Act 198.
  • Provides women at abortion facilities clear information about the qualifications and disciplinary history of abortion physicians.
  • SB 238: Trafficking at Abortion Facility Prevention Act
  • Passed the Legislature and signed by the governor as Act 280.
  • To require health practitioners and abortion clinic employees to report human trafficking and trafficking of children for sexual purposes to law enforcement.