Man Admits: “I Pressured My Girlfriend Into Having an Abortion She Didn’t Want”

International   |   SPUC   |   Jan 16, 2020   |   2:38PM   |   London, England

A letter penned to Agony Aunt, Dear Deirdre, has highlighted the growing problem of coerced abortion in the United Kingdom. The anonymous letter describes a man’s regret after he pressured his girlfriend into an abortion she did not want.

The piece describes the man’s regret and how he now ‘hates’ himself for his actions.

The letter has sparked growing concerns over abortion coercion now becoming commonplace in the United Kingdom.

Louise Grant, Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline (ARCH) Director said: “The heart-breaking reality is that most women are pressurised or coerced in some way into an abortion decision, whether it be subtly, harshly, or somewhere between the two. A concerning 75% of women contacting ARCH have experienced some form of pressure or coercion, many not even realising at the time what or who she is being pressured by.

“While pressure may be directed from family, friends or even healthcare professionals, we find that it can come mostly from men. Some of these men may think they are acting with best intentions and are unaware of the damaging effect abortion can have on women. For this reason, society must improve its awareness of alternative options and support for those in difficult situations. Some men take a more violent approach, and for this reason society has a duty to recognise that abortion is a form of domestic abuse.”

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Abortion coercion is occurring in the UK

Research by polling company D-Cyfor recently revealed that one in seven UK women has been forced to undergo an abortion. Experts have also called for UK healthcare professionals to be vigilant in screening for coercion, after a study suggested that a quarter of US women were subjected to coercion surrounding an abortion decision, with the study branding coercion as ‘common.’

Ms Grant added: “The scandalous reality behind the veneer of choice, that abortion so commonly hides behind, is that the issue of coercion and forced abortion is becoming commonplace in the UK.”

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