WATCH: Pro-Abortion Students Refuse to Say It Was Wrong for Nazis to Kill Jews

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 15, 2020   |   1:01PM   |   Washington, DC

A shocking new video that shows students who support abortion refusing to condemn the Nazis for killing Jews during World War II. It comes as no surprise then that these same students have no problem with killing tiny, defenseless unborn babies in abortions.

Shot mostly from a GoPro camera worn by Created Equal Vice President Seth Drayer, the video offers a first-person perspective into the daily experience of the pro-life group Created Equal on liberal college campuses.

The result is shocking. Open-minded students change their mind after seeing images of aborted babies while liberal students struggle to defend their pro-abortion views.

But the most disturbing segment is when the pro-life group encounters a handful of pro-abortion students arguing no action is wrong for everyone. When asked if it would be wrong to beat a toddler, one student answers affirmatively. However, she then clarifies: “Those are our morals.”

The pro-abrotion students are then asked whether genocide is immoral for everyone or up to each individual to decide.

“Will you condemn Nazism?” the interviewer asks.

Watch the students deflect and even shift blame to pro-lifers in order to avoid answering this simple question.

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Mark Harrington, President and Founder of Created Equal, told he was disappointed by what he saw.

“Our future leaders have forgotten how to do simple moral reasoning. If they refuse to condemn intentionally killing innocent human beings, is there anything they will not accept with open arms?”