Actress Ilana Glazer: Republicans are Against Human Rights. But She Supports Abortion

National   |   Aiden Jackson   |   Jan 15, 2020   |   7:59PM   |   Washington, DC

Hollywood, the land where political variance from liberal doctrine is viewed as nothing short of heresy. When a pseudo-celebrity utilizes their moment in the spotlight to make a leftist decree, you can bet it is on a late-night program. This is precisely what transpired on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live with actress Ilana Glazer.

Glazer was invited on the show to promote her comedy special, The Planet is Burning (how original for a Hollywood production), and the conversation quickly veered into Republican-bashing territory. Kimmel inquired of Glazer’s plans to rally voters on her stand-up tour: “So people will come to a show, they will register to vote. They register to vote and then they will dance.”

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Of course, these flash dance sessions never feature the inclusion of Republican candidates. As Glazer explained; “That’s right…. And we invite a Democratic candidate up and I ask people, get their Instagram handle.”

In a not so serious manner, Kimmel asked why it is only Democrats who take part in this “party” (even though he knows full well the answer); “Why only Democratic candidates? Don’t you want everyone to vote?…” Glazer’s response served as a quintessential case in point as to why political polarization is so stark in this country:

No, no. It’s just, like, maybe 20 years ago, maybe there could have been an interesting conversation between parties, but it’s not even interesting anymore. It’s like human rights versus anti-human rights. I’m over it…

It goes without saying, conservatives are part of a movement that extends those very human rights to the most vulnerable individuals among us in the womb.

And she wonders why people of opposing political views can’t have a civil dialogue? As if this was not insulting enough, she then went on to lambast Americans all across the country as “dumb” She attacked, “But it’s like nobody on the coasts are smarter than people in the middle of the country. Everybody’s just a dumb American I guess.”

The title of Glazer’s work then prompted a predictable discussion on climate change. Kimmel bemoaned: “So The Planet Is Burning. The planet is burning.” Glazer made sure to squeeze in her humanitarian spiel:

It is indeed…I’m like the planet is burning. The planet is burning. But you know, it’s kind of funny in a sick way how the planet is burning and our leaders don’t talk about it all day every day. Shouldn’t we be solving the problem of the thing we’re standing on?

Kimmel then made a parallel between the climate warming and Godzilla:

It seems that if there was a Godzilla for instance, that was burning everything, like Godzilla was shooting fire out of its mouth. Everyone, every country in the world would band together to kill this Godzilla. But we have a Godzilla.

This interview was hardly the first time Glazer fostered in liberal drivel. As evidenced here. Forgive the leaders you dismissed as “anti-human rights” if they are not so inclined to trust your political stances.

LifeNews Note: Aiden Jackson writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.