Abortion Facility That Kills Babies Up to 24-Weeks-Old is Months Away From Closing Down

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 6, 2020   |   6:09PM   |   Boston, Massachusetts

Hospitals today are saving premature babies born at just 22 weeks of pregnancy. But in many states, aborting unborn babies is still legal for any reason up to 24 weeks. In some states, it’s even later.

In Massachusetts, Women’s Health Services in Brookline is the only abortion business in the state that aborts unborn babies up to the state’s 24-week cutoff, but it is struggling financially and could close soon, according to the Boston Globe.

Laurent “Lolly” Delli-Bovi, its medical director, recently began an online fundraiser to “save” the late-term abortion business. If she does not raise at least $250,000 within the next three months, she said the abortion business will close.

According to the report, Delli-Bovi runs the third busiest abortion facility in the state and the only non-hospital that aborts unborn babies up to 24 weeks. Currently, 25 facilities provide abortions in Massachusetts; in many cases, abortions are taxpayer-funded through Medicaid.

Though abortion activists like to blame government funding cuts and pro-life legislative efforts for abortion clinic closures, they cannot do so in this case. Massachusetts lawmakers are trying to expand abortions through a new pro-abortion bill, and the report makes it clear that taxpayer funding is not the problem either.

According to the report: “The crisis at Women’s Health Services does not stem directly from a cut to government funding, but from the failure to win a grant of several hundred thousand dollars it had requested for debt relief from the National Abortion Federation, Delli-Bovi said.”

Her abortion facility is a business, not a nonprofit, and it is losing money. Delli-Bovi said they have been losing money for the past 13 years, at about $170,000 a year.

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“We’re not set up as a nonprofit, but we’ve been utterly unprofitable since 2006,” she said.

She said they charge about $700 for an abortion in the first trimester and up to $3,000 for an abortion as late as 24 weeks.

Unborn babies are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception. By 24 weeks, they are viable outside the womb. Research indicates viability now is about 22 weeks, thanks to modern medicine.

But while the “struggles” of abortion businesses make headlines and draw sympathy from political leaders and billionaires, the real struggles of unborn babies remain widely ignored. Every year, nearly 1 million unborn babies are legally killed by the billion-dollar abortion industry in America. Since Roe v. Wade, their deaths have climbed to about 61 million.

The good news is that abortion numbers are dropping and abortion facilities are closing at a record pace, including 36 in 2019. With modern ultrasound imaging, advances in premature infant care, prenatal surgery and studies of babies in the womb comes the realization that abortion is not merely a woman’s “right to choose.” It is the killing of a unique, living, irreplaceable human being who deserves a right to life.