Couple Starts Community Nonprofit to Help Struggling Moms Choose Life for their Unborn Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 20, 2019   |   1:00AM   |   Boston, Massachusetts

A Massachusetts couple is proving that pro-lifers do care about helping women and babies.

Heather and Craig Denton, of Fall River, recently began a nonprofit to provide financial and educational support to pregnant and parenting families in their community, The Herald News reports.

The Dentons said they felt compelled to do something after learning that many women seek abortions because of financial struggles.

“We’re both Christians,” said Heather Denton. “We felt we weren’t doing enough to help mothers and babies.”

They began their pro-life organization, Within Me, earlier this year to provide financial assistance, educational classes and emotional support to individuals in the Fall River area. They also provide diapers, baby food and other items, depending on the individual family’s needs, the couple said.

“If they can’t afford it, we can alleviate that need and … some of those issues of why people go down that road,” Craig Denton told the local news.

“That’s a lot of people to go through an abortion that isn’t necessary,” Heather Denton added. “They don’t know where to find help.”

She said their mission is to support families in Christian love, not to judge.

“We’re not here to make people choose one way or another. We can talk about pros and cons and have an honest conversation,” Heather Denton said. “We’re not here to judge.”

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Within Me is not affiliated with any church or denomination. Its mission is to “eliminate the need for abortion by providing life skill training, a support system, and practical needs for baby. We also offer crisis pregnancy support to help you see past the crisis, into you and your baby’s bright, beautiful future.”

All across the country, outreaches like the Denton’s are growing, and more women are choosing life for their unborn babies. There now are more than 2,000 pregnancy resource centers in America, providing hope and help to millions of people each year.

Pro-life organizations are providing support to struggling women and children in other ways as well. Students for Life recently launched a campaign to help raise awareness about parenting students’ rights on college campuses. Other organizations host baby showers or online baby registries to help women and children in need.

These efforts are making a difference. Abortion rates are dropping steadily each year because more women are empowered with the support to choose life for their unborn babies.