Abortion Activist Says She Was Mistreated at Pro-Life Event, But Her Claim Appears Totally False

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 20, 2019   |   11:14PM   |   Boston, Massachusetts

The feminist Ms. Magazine published an undercover hit piece earlier this week accusing Massachusetts pro-life advocates of mistreatment, “misogyny” and “hypocrisy.”

But leaders of Massachusetts Citizens for Life pointed out several major problems with the allegations made by the anonymous writer, identified only as a feminist gender studies major.

C.J. Williams, director of community engagement for the pro-life organization, questioned if the writer actually even attended their pro-life event in June.

“Once thing is certain, the anonymous author … came to our event with a message written, and she left with that same message in hand – if she even came to the event at all,” Williams said. “Her supposed experiences contradict what those who actually attended the event have said – that it was a friendly, educational, and calm event.”

The anonymous pro-abortion writer claimed she went undercover at a Massachusetts Citizens for Life press conference in June in Boston. The event was held in opposition to pro-abortion legislation known as the ROE Act.

“Attendants were packed into a conference room on the second floor of the state house, creating a sea of ‘stop infanticide’ red shirts,” the writer described.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life believes she was referring to its June 5 press conference, the only event that somewhat matches her description.

According to the pro-life organization, the conference was held in Room 437 of the state house, not on the second floor.

“Neither the layout nor the mechanics of the situation would have allowed for the kinds of interactions the author claims,” the organization stated. “The room was completely packed, for one thing. The room is a hearing room. Organizers were informed ahead of time of capacity, and State House staff helped seat the public before the polling announcements were made.”

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During the event, the anonymous writer claimed two men pushed her “until I stumbled” when she was asked to participate in a photo-op at the conference.

“’Don’t you want to support the cause?’ they were yelling. ‘What’s wrong with you women?’” she wrote.

Williams said these claims also seem dubious. She said there were half a dozen prominent and reputable news outlets covering the press conference, and none reported any yelling or pushing.

“The room was completely packed, and those in attendance were seated or lined up along the back wall. This would not have allowed for a shuffling of the audience for photo-ops,” Williams said. “If there had been any type of altercation, [local news outlets] would undoubtedly have reported it.”

At another point in the supposed exposé, the anonymous writer claimed she saw pro-lifers mistreating children, too.

“During the photo-op, someone yanked a crying baby out of its mother’s arms to pose for the camera—even though, supposedly, they were fighting for this baby’s safety and happiness. The man smiled for his photo-op while the baby continued crying—and yelled about how we must ‘protect the youngest members of our society,’” she wrote.

Williams said that never happened.

“We knew the photographer. We also know the number (severely limited by State House request) and names of all attendees. Neither the photographer nor I took any photos of babies,” she said.

At another point, the anonymous author claimed: “When I initially refused to put on the red shirt, I was booed and sneered at, and the Citizens for Life member handing them out grabbed my arm and yelled that I was too concerned with fashion, and not about “protecting life.””

Williams said members of her organization handed out stickers, but they did not hand out red T-shirts at the event and they certainly did not grab or yell at anyone. She said she and some of their other staff did not wear red shirts either.

She said Ms. Magazine never contacted their organization about the article. She said the publication did not ask for a comment or try to verify any facts.

“Perhaps Ms. Magazine would also like to fact check their submissions before publishing so-called reporting on actual events. If they do, they can start with who organized the press conference, who was in attendance, and maybe even look up MCFL on social media,” Williams said.