New Clinic Will Help Mothers Give Birth in One Room and Kill Babies in Abortions in Another

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 17, 2019   |   6:03PM   |   Memphis, Tennessee

By next spring, a Tennessee abortion facility hopes to begin welcoming newborn babies in one room and aborting unborn babies in another.

The CHOICES Memphis Center for Reproductive Health has been an abortion facility for decades in Memphis, destroying thousands of unborn babies’ lives in elective abortions.

This week in Ms. Magazine, executive director Rebecca Terrell announced plans to expand beyond abortions by offering prenatal and birthing services as well.

Terrell bragged that their facility will be the “only non-profit clinic in the U.S. providing both birth and abortion services under the same roof” – as if that is something to be proud of. She predicted that they will begin birthing services in April 2020.

The plan came about when Terrell was exploring ways to expand.

“One day, when I was searching for stock photos for our website, and was mostly seeing many pictures of happy mothers and babies, I had another thought: Wait a minute. Why do ‘they’ get all the happy pictures? Birth is part of feminist health care. We should take that back,” she said.

Abortion activists may want to turn abortions into something happy through “shouting” campaigns and other efforts to “destigmatize” the killing of unborn babies, but they will not succeed. No matter how they try to hide it, there is no way to mask the ugliness of killing of an innocent unborn child.

CHOICES apparently is going to try, though, by killing some unborn babies and birthing others – depending on if the babies are wanted or not. It will present abortions and birth as equal choices, though one gives life to a unique, living human being and the other destroys that irreplaceable life.

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Since the abortion facility board of directors approved Terrell’s plan, they have been fundraising to make it happen.

“While Memphis had some outstanding home-birth midwives, it did not have a birthing center and soon bringing this choice to birthing people, especially to people of color, became a critical part of our mission. Off we started on a $5 million dollar Capital Campaign,” she said.

Though Terrell brought up a desire to combat maternal mortality and promote choice, especially among minority women, she also made it clear that finances are a major reason for their expansion.

“Our inclusion of birth services also diversifies our revenue stream,” she explained. “With the current make-up of the United States Supreme Court, the ability of practices like CHOICES to provide abortion care hangs on a thread. … By diversifying our services, we plan to be able to stay and fight, should providing abortion become illegal or impossible.”

Terrell argued that they will be able to offer true options counseling once they are able to provide both abortions and birthing services. Though it seems unlikely, one can only hope that it truly will provide accurate, honest information and support to pregnant mothers – including facts about their unborn baby’s development, the risks of abortion, resources available to parents and adoption information – and, with that support, more moms will choose life for their unborn babies.