Doctors Told Mom to Abort Baby With Terminal Condition, She Refused and Her Daughter is Healthy

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 12, 2019   |   3:27PM   |   Washington, DC

An Australian mom went into labor last week, thinking that she may have only a few hours to hold her newborn daughter.

While she was pregnant, Dinah DeRegt was told that her unborn daughter had a terminal brain condition, and doctors recommended an abortion, Christian News Network reports. DeRegt refused.

Then, on Dec. 2, baby Brianna surprised everyone when she was born completely healthy, according to the report.

Brisbane Birth Photography recently shared the family’s miraculous story on Facebook. Doula and photographer Serena Rollason who was there for Brianna’s birth said they all were in “shock” when doctors deemed her healthy.

“We literally saw the diagnosis. We spoke with multiple doctors and specialists in depth. We were referred to the pallative care team to ‘plan,’” Rollason said. “And on multiple occasions, even I was asked if I knew what I was in for and prepared myself for the journey that I was about to undertake as a doula supporting this family.”

Here’s more from the report:

Rollason explained that the baby had been diagnosed with Pontocerebellar hypoplasia (PCH), a genetic condition in which the cerebellum and the pons in the brain are abnormally small. Fluid on the brain was also seen in MRI scans. Doctors estimated that the child would live anywhere from a few hours to young adulthood.

“The family was told to ‘terminate’ the pregnancy, as there is no cure. There is no ‘fix.’ There is no answer,” Rollason outlined.

After Brianna was born, Rollason said the doctors performed a slew of tests – “from eye scans, to renal tests, to ultrasounds and even a brain MRI,” and each showed that Brianna is healthy.

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“I would not have believed this had I not attended the last scan and witnessed the examination of the brain and saw the fluid with my own two eyes,” she said.

Brianna’s story is a familiar one. Parents frequently feel pressured to have an abortion after their unborn baby receives a poor diagnosis. Rachel Guy’s parents, for example, were told by several doctors to abort her because she would be born blind and deaf. Today, the young Pennsylvania woman is neither, and she volunteers her time and talents to help other mothers choose life for their unborn babies.

Tragically, some families do choose to abort their unborn babies after a poor diagnosis. Earlier this year, an Irish couple aborted their unborn baby after being told the baby tested positive for a potentially fatal fetal anomaly. Too late, they found out that the tests were wrong, and their aborted baby had been healthy.

Abortion is not just wrong because of misdiagnoses. It is wrong because it destroys the life of a unique, individual human being with potential. No matter how short a child’s life is or how sick they may be, they deserve the same rights and protections as any other child. Every baby deserves a right to life.