Doctors Said Rachel Would be Blind and Deaf. Her Parents Rejected Abortion and She is Healthy

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 10, 2019   |   5:51PM   |   Washington, DC

The world may never know how many healthy babies have been aborted because of a misdiagnosis in the womb.

Earlier this year, an Irish couple aborted their unborn baby after being told the baby tested positive for a potentially fatal fetal anomaly. Too late, they found out that the tests were wrong, and their aborted baby had been healthy. One can only guess how many other tragic cases there are like it.

Other parents have the wisdom to choose life for their unborn babies, understanding that their baby is a valuable human being, no matter what health problems they may have.

Rachel Guy’s parents did.

Catholic Philly reports the young woman shared her story Nov. 24 during the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia’s Stand Up for Life dinner.

Guy said she was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality at 22 weeks of pregnancy, and several doctors urged her mother to abort her. Doctors told her parents that she probably would be blind and deaf and have intellectual disabilities, she said.

“Can you imagine finding out at a young age that three doctors wanted you dead?” Guy wrote in 2017 on her ministry blog, His Love and Care, which connects pregnant mothers with pro-life doctors. “They were in a position of power to insist and pressure that my life be ended.”

Her parents rejected the idea of ending their daughter’s life. They told the doctors that their “child’s value was not lost” because she had disabilities, according to the report.

Guy said her parents found new doctors who supported their decision to choose life for her. Several weeks later, she was born via cesarean section, weighing a little more than 1 pound, according to the report.

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Because she was born so prematurely, Guy spent about 5 ½ months in the hospital before she was well enough to go home, the report continues.

“Medicine’s job was never meant to redefine personhood,” Guy said.

Her initial doctors’ predictions never came true. Today, Guy can both see and hear. Several years ago, she said she wrote to those doctors, telling them that she forgives them for recommending that she be aborted.

“To this day it baffles me that we have come to a place in our society where people in positions of medical power would ever think that destroying lives would ever be a course of action for an innocent life whose only crime is location and health status,” she wrote.

Abortion destroys an unborn baby’s life and all of his/her potential. There is no hope in an abortion. Sometimes, prenatal diagnoses are wrong. Other times, they are correct, and children suffer from life-altering or life-limiting disabilities. Either way, a child’s health should not determine their worth. Every child’s life, in and outside the womb, is valuable and deserving of protection – without exception.