Pro-Life Mom Beats Half-Marathon World Record While Pushing Her Baby in a Stroller

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 9, 2019   |   8:11PM   |   Washington, DC

When mother of three Julia Webb ran a half marathon pushing a stroller, she did not just do it for herself or her baby girl, Gabby, who was riding inside.

Webb did it for every woman who has been told that she cannot be a mother and accomplish her dreams.

Aleteia reports the 36-year-old Arkansas mom may have broken a world record at the Route 66 half-marathon on Nov. 24. Webb pushed her daughter in a stroller throughout the race and came in at 1 hour, 23 minutes and 23 seconds.

Guinness World Record is reviewing her achievement, according to the report.

“Some women might fear that if they have children it will hinder their ability to accomplish goals, but I really believe if it’s something you love to do you can involve your whole family in it,” Webb told Good Morning America.

She said her faith gave her the confidence to push herself on Nov. 24.

“The night before, despite all the chaos to get to Tulsa with my family of five, I felt the Holy Spirit at work and felt a peace that gave me confidence it could happen,” Webb said.

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While awaiting confirmation of her record, Webb also is training for another event: the Olympic Team Trials marathon, where she hopes to compete in February, according to Aleteia.

Webb is a pro-life advocate who runs to give hope to other mothers. She is a member of LIFE Runners, an international pro-life group of athletes who use the sport to support babies and moms.

“The issue of abortion needs more people to stand up,” Webb said. “A lot of people don’t really know what they’re getting themselves into … that they regret.”

Not seeking publicity for herself, Webb said she hopes the message behind her achievements makes a big impact for life.

“I would love to see LIFE Runners continue to grow, and if it can save one woman from getting an abortion, it will be worth it,” she told Fox News.

The pro-life movement empowers women by assuring them that they do not have to abort their own children to achieve their dreams. Through encouragement, support and efforts like Webb’s, pro-lifers are giving moms and their babies hope for a better life.