Mandatory UK Sex Education Program Teaches 6-Year-Olds to Touch Themselves

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 6, 2019   |   5:42PM   |   London, England

A new mandatory sex education curriculum being rolled out in the United Kingdom teaches children as young as 6 about “stimulating” their genitals.

The All About Me program already is drawing outrage from parents across the UK, the Daily Mail reports. More than 240 schools are slated to begin teaching it next September, and parents are not allowed to opt their children out of the program, according to the report.

The lessons for 6- and 7-year-old students include the topic “Touching Myself.” According to the report, the program teaches children that “lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice.” Young children also will be taught that touching their “private parts” is “very normal,” though some people may call it “dirty” behavior.

“In the same lesson, children are given scenarios which they must judge to be ‘OK’ or ‘not OK,’” according to the report. “In one, pupils are told that when a girl called Autumn ‘has a bath and is alone she likes to touch herself between her legs. It feels nice.’”

Later, the program teaches 8- to 10-year-old students about wet dreams, erections and self-stimulation in lessons about anatomy and physical development.

“My wife cried the first time she read what was going to be in the lessons,” said Matthew Seymour, whose sons attend Coten End schools. “This sexualisation of our children is just totally inappropriate. They are calling it self-touching and they won’t use the term masturbation, but when you read it that’s exactly what they’re talking about.”

The Seymours said some of the lessons include highly sexual issues that their young sons are “not ready to hear.”

Even Tory MP David Davies, who voted in favor of mandatory sex education instruction in UK schools, is having second thoughts after seeing the curriculum, the report states.

“I and many other parents would be furious at completely inappropriate sexual matters being taught to children as young as 6,” Davies said. “These classes go way beyond the guidance the Government is producing and are effectively sexualising very young children.”

Jonny Hunt, the sex education consultant who helped develop the program, also has some aberrant views about marriage. According to the Mail, he recently slammed the “continued emphasis on marriage,” writing, “There still seems to be the belief that a marriage provides a safer environment for children or for sex. This is not the case.”

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A wealth of evidence shows otherwise.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh described Hunt’s program as “one of the most blatant examples of institutionalized child sex abuse that we’ve seen in the West.”

Walsh continued:

As far as schools are concerned, sex should be a purely scientific subject. Teach the kids about anatomy. Teach them where babies come from. Teach them the facts of human reproduction. That’s it. … Schools don’t automatically inherit the right to teach whatever a parent doesn’t teach.

Besides, parents might “refuse” to teach their children how to masturbate because they, as parents, feel (rightly) that such a lesson would be extremely bizarre and inappropriate, and probably warranting a visit from CPS. It might be a teacher’s opinion that parents should teach those things, but her opinion is irrelevant. It’s also, in this case, insane. That’s why schools should stick to the academic basics.

Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs in America also encourage children to engage in risky sexual behavior.

On its website, Planned Parenthood brags about being the leading provider of sex education in the U.S. Among its worst teaching points, Planned Parenthood tells children that promiscuity is ok. “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners,” it tells students on its Tumbler page. Planned Parenthood’s booklet for HIV-positive youth, “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” also tells young people that it is their “human right” to not tell their partner that they have HIV.

In one recent case, parents at a Pennsylvania school said a Planned Parenthood partner group taught seventh-grade students graphic details about oral sex during a science class.

Former staff and associates of the abortion group also say Planned Parenthood uses its sex ed programs to groom children for abortions.

Fortunately, for now at least, most schools in America still allow parents to opt out of these indoctrination programs. Concerned parents in Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Washington state, New York, North Carolina, Florida and many other parts of the country have protested Planned Parenthood’s involvement in their students’ education in the past several years.