Abortion Activist Mocks Funerals for Aborted Babies: Let’s “Mandate Funerals for Sperm”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 6, 2019   |   8:51PM   |   Washington, DC

The complete and utter insensitivity toward grieving parents by some pro-abortion lawmakers and journalists is astounding.

And “abortion rights” are at the core.

Their latest target is a Pennsylvania bill that gives parents the opportunity to bury or cremate the remains of their miscarried or aborted babies. If the parents do not want to, the bill requires abortion facilities, hospitals and other medical facilities to bury or cremate the child’s remains.

Sponsor Rep. Frank Ryan said he crafted the bill to give grieving parents the opportunity to provide a dignified burial for their child. He said he and his wife lost their first baby to miscarriage and their baby’s body was disposed of without their knowledge.

His legislation would provide closure for grieving parents by recognizing their child as a valuable human being. But Ryan’s bill highlights the humanity of unborn babies, and that is dangerous for pro-abortion politics. It has been attacked from the start by pro-abortion lawmakers, abortion activists, journalists and others.

First, state Rep. Wendy Ullman described a miscarried baby as “just some mess on a napkin” during a committee hearing in October. Ullman is a pro-abortion Democrat who was endorsed by Planned Parenthood. She opposed the bill.

Then, this week, a Washington Post columnist mocked the idea behind the legislation by suggesting lawmakers should require funerals for sperm as well, according to The Union Journal.

On Wednesday, “Put up” columnist Alexandra Petri indirectly poked fun at Ryan and his family’s loss in one of the country’s largest newspapers. She labeled state lawmakers as “cowards” for not also mandating “funerals for all spermatozoa.”

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Petri described fetal burial/cremation bills as “mandating dying certificates and the providing of funerals for fertilized ova,” or unborn babies, and then expressed mock outrage – “How inequitable!” – that sperm are not being granted funerals, too.

To “honor” sperm, she suggested: “State legislators, in case you have such concern for the choose few, bear in mind the unlucky tens of millions! We should, after all, give honor above all to those that went to the halls of glory with out glimpsing even a touch of an ovum. That is the least we owe those that lived in hope — and died — in states of single blessedness. Who is aware of what unusual soil could also be their resting place, what nook of a overseas area shall be endlessly theirs, what richer earth lies in that wealthy earth hid?”

“I feel, additionally, that stars ought to be positioned within the home windows of those that bear so nice a loss; it’s a easy matter of respect,” Petri continued.

Petri’s mockery is horribly insensitive to the millions of parents who lose babies to abortion and miscarriage each year, but it is laughable in the sense of its ignorance of basic biology.

A sperm is not a unique, living human being. Nor is an egg. There is no reason to grieve for them because they are just cells in the male and female bodies. However, once they have united, a unique, separate living human being comes into existence – a person worthy of life and love.

As Paul Stark at Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life explained earlier this year:

The textbook Human Embryology & Teratology explains: “Although life [defined broadly] is a continuous process, fertilization is a critical landmark because, under ordinary circumstances, a new, genetically distinct human organism is thereby formed.”

… biologists distinguish organisms (e.g., you, me, an embryo) from biological entities that are not organisms (e.g., sperm, egg, or a strand of my hair).

There is nothing laughable about diminishing the loss of an unborn child, whether to miscarriage or abortion. Parents deserve to be comforted and affirmed in their grief, not dismissed for grieving what abortion activists want them to believe is just a meaningless clump of cells.

Aborted and miscarried babies deserve a proper disposition by cremation or burial because they are human beings. They are not mere parts of their mother’s body. They are valuable, living, unique members of the human race, but proponents of abortion don’t want families to know that.