Premature Baby Given Hours to Live Miraculously Recovers, Look at Him Now

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 3, 2019   |   5:18PM   |   Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Michelle and Brandon Coyle experienced trauma piled upon trauma when they miscarried their first two unborn babies.

Last year, the Louisiana couple was thrilled when their third child, a baby boy, appeared healthy throughout the pregnancy, WWL-TV reports.

But March 5, three weeks before his due date, turned into a nightmare when he was born prematurely and barely moving. The Coyles said doctors diagnosed their son with major neurological problems and gave him just hours to live.

Then a miracle happened.

Today, little Carson Joseph Coyle is thriving at home, and his parents believe his life was saved through prayer.

According to the local news, Carson was born on Mardi Gras Day after what had been a normal pregnancy. Michelle went into labor early – and the troubles began.

Michelle said she spent many hours in labor, but Carson remained in the womb. Eventually, she said the doctors performed a vacuum-assisted delivery.

“He was pretty lifeless,” she said, remembering when Carson first arrived. “He was lifeless.”

The Coyles said their baby boy’s feet were blue, and the doctors soon diagnosed him with moderate to severe neurological damage. His condition worsened quickly, and his eyes and ears began to swell, according to the report.

“My immediate reaction was to ask if my baby was dying and she said, ‘Unfortunately it does seem to be looking that way, to please call your immediate family,’” his mother said.

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Here’s more from the report:

A relative started a prayer line and a stranger showed up in the middle of the night. It was Judge Dennis Waldron. He brought with him a crucifix, but not his own, one he usually borrows only in the most dire of circumstances.

Placing it on baby Carson, the couple said his prayer was short and comforting, but there was nothing to suggest anything extraordinary had happened. Until the next day.

Michelle remembered the nurses reviewing Carson’s lab work. “Look it’s getting a little better, the blood’s getting better, this that and the other is getting little better!”

Soon Carson began to breathe on his own and, later, to eat, his parents said. When doctors conducted an MRI, they found an even bigger surprise.

“They basically said 100% normal neurological functioning!” his mother said, remembering the test results.

Despite the near-death experience, Carson spent only 14 days in the hospital before he was well enough to go home, according to the report.

Now, the family credits the prayers and crucifix for saving their son’s life.

“In my eyes, [it was] a total miracle,” Brandon Coyle said.

Miracles happen, doctors sometimes are wrong, and prayer does make a difference. Thanks to the prayers of family, friends and strangers, today the Coyles are celebrating the life of their “miracle” baby boy.