Six People Arrested After Selling Woman’s Newborn Baby Girl for $420

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 2, 2019   |   11:10PM   |   New Delhi, India

Babies are not objects or commodities to be sold or thrown away.

The statement may seem obvious, but all across the world, babies in and outside the womb are being dehumanized through abortion, human trafficking and other atrocities.

This week, the Indian news outlet Deccan Herald reported a case of child trafficking involving a newborn baby girl who was almost aborted.

The girl’s mother, “Asha,” allegedly upset her family when she had an affair with a family friend and became pregnant, according to the report.

Police recently arrested Asha’s mother, “Sudha,” and five other people who allegedly helped to sell Asha’s newborn baby girl to a couple for 30,000 rupees (about $420), the report continues.

According to the report, the baby’s father has not been charged in the case. However, he reportedly urged Asha to abort their baby girl before she was born.

“She bought over-the-counter abortion pills, but remarkably nothing happened to the fetus,” said Bindya Yohannan, a spokesperson for local police commissioner. “The child was a born survivor.”

Asha gave birth to a healthy daughter in November, according to the report. However, she told police that someone at the Cambridge Layout hospital told her that her baby died.

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“Later, she learned through a sympathetic nurse that the baby had survived and that it had been sold. Consequently, she approached the HAL police and Parihar Santwana Kendra,” a government organization that provides support to women and children in need, Yohannan said.

Police said they found the baby girl and returned her to her mother’s care. Police said the organization plans to help Asha find a job and provide her with shelter and postnatal care while she is searching for work.

Police said their investigation continues.

Abortion, like human trafficking, treats a child’s life as an object, rather than a valuable, irreplaceable gift. The little baby girl’s life was valuable from the moment of conception. Hopefully she will be loved and valued as the unique individual who she is.