Former New York Times Reporter Labels Newspaper as “Totally Left-Wing”

National   |   Aiden Jackson   |   Dec 2, 2019   |   11:58PM   |   Washington, DC

As of late, The New York Times has cemented itself as the CNN of the newspaper world with a leftist trajectory and near total loss of journalistic integrity. On Monday’s Fox & Friends to discuss this travesty of modern day investigative reporting was former New York Times contributor and current New York Post reporter, Michael Goodwin.

As a disclaimer, it should be noted that Goodwin has served as a reporter with the Post for many years and currently writes opinion pieces for Fox News. On the air to discuss his most recent op-ed regarding the collapse of the Times, Goodwin lamented the current state of the paper and its derailment from the original owner’s vision of balanced reporting:

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The New York Times is still a functioning business, a fairly successful one as newspapers go, but the collapse has to do with its standards of fairness, its traditional sense of restraint in its news pages…. I went back and I researched how the founding really owner of The New York Times, a man named Adolf Ochs, who bought it in 1896 with borrowed money, basically started on the first day, said we will have a fair and impartial newspaper…

Sadly, the old-guard reporting standards at The New York Times are almost non-existent in the era of President Trump:

And he set all kinds of rules, standards that grew out of that over a century have now been thrown overboard by the current editor in this rush to a. to stop Donald Trump from becoming President and then to knock him out of office once he got in.

Goodwin then used a sledgehammer on the Times to label them as a completely leftist publication through and through:

Now they are totally a left-wing newspaper, there’s nothing in the paper that is impartial anymore. If you look not just at politics which are the most obvious, but if you look through the sports pages, through the business pages, through the culture pages, everything is opinionated, there’s no straight news anymore in The New York Times.

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade then opined what many believe to be true when it comes to biased reporting; “And that’s fine if you label that. Don’t tell me it’s news and really mask it as opinion.”

It is difficult to believe The New York Times was once revered as a beacon of journalism.

LifeNews Note: Aiden Jackson writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.