Amy Klobuchar Falsely Claims Americans Support Abortion, But 60% of Americans are Pro-Life

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 21, 2019   |   2:26PM   |   Washington, DC

During last night’s Democrat presidential debate, pro-abortion Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar falsely claimed most Americans are pro-abortion. However polling data from a variety of national polls taken during 2019 shows a majority of Americans are pro-life and want abortions made illegal or want significant limits on abortion.

MODERATOR: Many states, including right here where we are tonight in Georgia, have passed laws that severely limit or outright ban abortion. Right now, Roe v. Wade protects a woman’s right to abortion nationwide. But if Roe gets overturned and abortion access disappears in some states, would you intervene as president to try to bring that access back, Senator Klobuchar?

AMY KLOBUCHAR: Of course. We should codify Roe v. Wade into law. That’s what we should do. And this president indicated early on what he was going to do, and he’s done it. When he was running for office, he literally said women should go to jail, and then he dialed it back and said doctors should go to jail. So no surprise we’re seeing these kinds of laws in Georgia, in Alabama, where his allies are passing these bills. And what we have to remember is that the people are with us. And I predict this will be a big issue in the general election. And I just can’t wait to stand across from Donald Trump and say this to him: “You know what? The people are with us.” Over 70 percent of the people support Roe v. Wade. Over 90 percent of the people support funding for Planned Parenthood and making sure that women can get the health care they need. He is off the track on this, and he will hear from the women of America, and this is how we’re going to win this election.

But polls this year from Gallup, Marist University, The Hill and Harvard University show very different results. In each case, a majority of Americans support substantial abortion limits.

Gallup, for example, polls on similar questions every year. Its latest poll, released in June, found that 60 percent of Americans want all (21 percent) or almost all (39 percent) abortions made illegal. In contrast, 38 percent said they want all (25 percent) or almost all (13 percent) abortions legal.

Other polls align with the Gallup findings. In the spring, a Hill-HarrisX survey found that 55 percent of voters said they do not think heartbeat laws are too restrictive – even though they would ban almost all abortions, according to The Hill.

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Similarly, a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found that just 6 percent of Americans said abortions should be allowed “up until the birth of the child.”

And in the winter, Marist University research found that just 13 percent of Americans support abortion at any time during pregnancy. In contrast, 58 percent said they would like abortions to be allowed, at most, in cases of rape, incest and risks to the mother’s life, and an additional 22 percent would limit abortions to the first trimester. That is a full 80 percent of Americans who disagree with abortion activists’ agenda.

Meanwhile, another 2019 abortion poll found 58% of Americans want all or almost all abortions made illegal.

A poll conducted by the Morning Consult research firm finds most Americans want abortions to be made illegal either in all cases or in very rare cases such as rape or incest or win the pregnancy directly threatens the life of the mother. Those cases constitute less than 2 or 3% of all abortions, meaning that most Americans support making virtually all abortions illegal.

Meanwhile another national poll from July found a majority of Americans oppose most or all abortions and want them made illegal.

Heritage for America has released the results of national polling on various political issues, including abortion. The National General Election Survey poll was conducted by Basswood Research from June 3 to June 6, 2019 among 1,200 likely voters across the nation. Margin of error is ± 2.83%.

The survey asked American voters nationwide, “Which of the following views about abortion comes closest to your own.”

A total of 9% of Americans said abortion should be illegal in all cases or, as 45% said, illegal in most cases but some exceptions. Those exceptions are typically cases when the life of the mother is threatened or in rape or incest — which constitute just 2-3% of all abortions. That means a total of 54% of Americans oppose 97-100% of al abortions.

Just 40% of Americans say they support all abortions (18%) or permitting abortions in some cases (22%). That means only 18% of all Americans nationwide agree with Planned Parenthood and each of the Democrats running for president in supporting abortions up to birth.

Democrats were most supportive of abortion but 35% of all Democrats still oppose all or most all abortions. Republicans took a pro-life position with 80% of Republicans wanting all or most abortions illegal. And a majority of both suburban men and women supporting making abortions illegal.

Even millenials are pro-life on abortion and support reversing Roe v. Wade, as one January poll confirmed. Asked directly about support for overturning Roe and returning abortion to the states, 41 percent supported Roe’s reversal. 65 percent of Millennials support the right to vote on abortion-related policy and want a voice on abortion policy.

Kloburchar has to attempt to claims Americans are on her side when it comes to abortion because defending killing babies in abortions is difficult to do without twisting logic and truth. But the truth is Americans are pro-life and have been for a long time.