Atlanta Approves “Reproductive Justice Commission” to Promote Killing More Babies in Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 19, 2019   |   5:21PM   |   Atlanta, GA

The City of Atlanta pushed back against state efforts to protect unborn babies Monday when it approved the creation of a new commission to promote abortions.

In a resolution declaring abortion to be a “basic human right,” the city council approved the formation of a Reproductive Justice Commission, Northside Neighbor reports. The commission’s primary task is to research and provide recommendations to the city about how to expand access to abortions.

Ignoring the fact that unborn babies also are living, unique human beings, the resolution states that “abortion is a basic human right that should be steadfastly afforded to all.” It instructs the commission to “proactively work to increase” abortions and other reproductive health measures in the city.

In the resolution, the Georgia council members also slammed state lawmakers for passing a pro-life law that bans abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy. The law passed earlier this year, but a judge recently blocked the state from enforcing it.

“Such bans exacerbate existing barriers to reproductive healthcare and abortion, negatively affecting health outcomes and disproportionately impacting Black women and people of color as well as low-income, immigrant, youth, senior, and LGBTQIA+ communities,” the resolution states.

Pro-life laws actually do the opposite. They protect women and unborn babies, especially people of color who often are targeted by the abortion industry. Research by Protecting Black Life found that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of minority neighborhoods. And New York City health statistics showed that more African American babies were aborted than born in the city in 2016.

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The job of city and state lawmakers is to protect their residents, but the Atlanta City Council is doing the opposite. Abortions destroy unborn babies’ lives and often hurt their mothers. If the city truly wants to help people in need, it should focus instead on providing support for women and children. Too often women are pressured into abortions or decide to go through with them because they think there is no other option.

Every year, millions of mothers turn to pro-life pregnancy centers and find that support. These community-based nonprofits provide free services such as counseling, pregnancy and STI tests, diapers, maternity clothes and car seats for struggling families. It is exactly this kind of support that families in Georgia – and all across the country – need more of, not more pressure to abort their own children.

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