Planned Parenthood Abortionist Tells Congress Killing Babies in Abortions is “Moral”

National   Steven Ertelt   Nov 15, 2019   |   11:34AM    Washington, DC

Colleen McNicholas, an abortionist who ends the lives of babies at the Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood abortion center in St. Louis, told members of Congress during a hearing on abortion yesterday that killing babies in abortion is “moral.”

“Abortion is moral,” McNicholas claimed. “It is important. It is healthcare. And I support people being the experts in their own lives and making decisions for themselves.”

Her comments drew a stern and immediate rebuke from Allie Beth Stuckey, a conservative writer and speaker who was also on the Congressional panel as a witness.

“In what other situation, besides when a child is defenseless in the womb, do we call killing someone healthcare? Do we call killing someone moral?” she asked.

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A Gallup poll shows Americans disagree with McNicholas.

Half of Americans believe abortions are morally wrong, the highest percentage in seven years, a new Gallup poll found in June.

The Values and Beliefs poll, which Gallup conducts every year, found that 50 percent of Americans believe abortions are morally wrong, while 42 percent said they are morally acceptable.

Gallup also broke down the numbers into those who identify as liberal or conservative. Just 23 percent of conservatives said abortions are morally acceptable, while 73 percent of liberals did.

The opposition to abortion has not been this high in seven years, when 51 percent said they believe abortion is morally wrong.