Former Abortionist Who is Now Pro-Life: “I Killed More People Than Ted Bundy”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 11, 2019   |   4:22PM   |   Washington, DC

Denial allowed Dr. Kathi Aultman to abort up to 1,000 unborn babies early in her medical career.

Aultman recently told The Van Maren Show, “I killed a lot more people than Ted Bundy.”

Today, the retired OB-GYN deeply regrets her abortion work. Now, she works to save babies’ lives by speaking out against the life-destroying practice that she once performed.

Aultman had a change of heart after allowing herself to realize the truth about abortion, The Blaze reports.

“I never even thought about the pain the baby was experiencing as it was having its arms and legs pulled off and that makes me really sad,” she said.

Aultman said she did have some concerns about abortion during her medical training when she realized that some unborn babies were being aborted while others were being saved with medical treatment at the same gestational age.

“That was the only time that I had reservations, but I was able to tuck it in the back of my brain and forget about it. It wasn’t until I had my baby that I began to see the fetus as a human being for the first time,” she said.

Another realization came as she began reading about the Nazis and the Holocaust.

“I read an article that compared abortion to the Holocaust, and it was the big ‘a-ha’ moment for me when I realized that here I was killing all these people because I didn’t consider them to be human beings,” she told the Daily Signal.

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“And that’s how the Germans were. They did not consider the Jews and the Russians and the other people that they exterminated to be human beings. And from that point on, I became pro-life and actually answered an email that I got asking if there would be anyone willing to go to Congress and testify,” Aultman continued.

Recently, she testified in support of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would require that basic medical care be provided to babies who survive abortions. However, pro-abortion Democrats in the U.S. House are blocking the bill.

Aultman said many Americans do not realize the truth that viable unborn babies are being aborted in the U.S.

“So many times when I have spoken to people, they are absolutely appalled when babies beyond five months are being aborted. They think, ‘Well, that doesn’t happen. Oh, it’s only in the first trimester.’ And I think the vast majority of Americans do not approve of abortions past the first trimester, especially when you’re dismembering them to get them out,” she said.

Dismemberment abortions are legal in every state, and late-term abortions are legal in 11 states, including New York, Vermont, Illinois and Rhode Island, which passed laws this year to allow abortions for basically any reason up to birth.

Aultman said pro-life advocates have science on their side.

“There actually is no other place that we can define the beginning of life other than when a sperm and an egg meet,” she said. “We know that these babies develop quickly, and that they feel pain, and yet the media never [report] that kind of stuff. It’s always pooh-poohed or told it’s a blatant lie so that people aren’t aware.”

Her testimony brings hope for the future, and it is just one of many. The pro-life movement is full of leaders who once had abortions or helped to perform them until they realized the evil of killing an unborn child. They include people like Abby Johnson, Carol Everett, Monica Cline, Jewels Green, Sue Thayer, Catherine Adair and Ramona Treviño. Dr. Haywood Robinson, another former abortionist, now helps to lead 40 Days for Life, and former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino now uses his medical expertise to protect unborn babies.

These individuals and many others left the abortion industry because they realized the truth that every human being, born and unborn, deserves a right to life.