Catholic Hospital Bans Volunteer Who Encouraged Pregnant Woman to Not Have Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 11, 2019   |   10:50PM   |   The Woodlands, Texas

A baby photographer said she was banned from a Catholic hospital in Texas after she counseled a woman against having an abortion.

Jennie Drude, a professional baby photographer with Mom 365, told the Church Militant that she frequently worked at St. Luke’s Hospital in Woodlands and gave birth to all six of her own children there, including two who died from anencephaly.

Because of her experience losing two of her own children, she is widely known in the Houston area for her volunteer work with families who experience infant loss, according to the report.

In late October, however, she said the hospital banished her after she counseled a patient, “Sandy,” about her options after her unborn baby was diagnosed with anencephaly. Drude said another mother had referred Sandy to her.

Here’s more from the report:

Jennie met Sandy for coffee as she had done “countless times with other moms who have lost babies or are carrying a baby with a life-limiting diagnosis.”

While she commiserated with the mother, Sandy expressed frustration with the inadequate options presented to her by Dr. Sara Gibson, the attending physician, and with the inappropriate way Dr. Gibson presented them.

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Gibson had told her she had two options: carrying her baby to term or going to a Houston clinic for an abortion. The procedure, known as “KCL” involves injecting potassium chloride into the uterus into the baby’s heart. It is a process comparable to lethal injections used in execution of prisoners, but is not 100% effective.

Drude said the doctor did not tell Sandy about the option of an early induction, which would have allowed her to deliver her baby alive and spend time with the baby before he/she died. She said Sandy was feeling pressured by the doctor to have an abortion.

She said Sandy told her that Gibson initially said she did not know of any hospitals that provide inductions.

A few days later, Drude said her supervisor at work called her to say that St. Luke’s had banned her from working there due to “unprofessional” conduct in her counseling of Sandy.

Now, Drude said her family is struggling financially.

“We had to pull my youngest child out of preschool and we are now struggling to make ends meet,” she told Church Militant. “This whole situation has been a slap in the face for me.”

She said she believes she was banned “because of one doctor’s lack of compassion and respect for informed consent.”