Abortionist Who Hoarded Babies Botched Abortion So Badly “When I Stood Up, Blood Went Everywhere”

National   |   Dave Andrusko   |   Nov 11, 2019   |   11:45PM   |   Washington, DC

When authorities searched the trunk of one of cars the late Ulrich Klopfer kept stored in Dolton, Illinois, it came as no surprise that they found the remains of 165 “perfectly preserved” aborted babies. After all, they’d already searched his garage in Crete Township, Will County, Illinois, and discovered 2,246 aborted babies in bags in more than 70 boxes.

So it also shouldn’t surprise us that Klopfer who died September 3, would have treated his female patients with the same inhumanity he lavished on his other victims, and that gradually more and more women will share their experiences.

We’ve already briefly written about one, a woman who preferred to remain anonymous, who underwent two abortions in 1998. But last Thursday, NBC affiliate WNDU reported the accounts of five women —five of the 30,000 to 50,000 women Indiana’s most prolific abortionist aborted.

Anchor Kaitor Kay first tells us about Jessica Bowen, who, at age 18, got an abortion from Klopfer’s Fort Wayne clinic in 2013:

“It was excruciating,” she said. “It was so painful.”

She was already feeling anxious about her decision to get an abortion, but Klopfer’s bedside manner she didn’t see coming.

“I begged him and asked to stop,” Bowen continued. “I started screaming and crying and I said, ‘please stop, I don’t want to do this anymore,’ and he looked at the nurse and told her to keep me quiet because I was going to scare the other patients.”

She said the nurse then covered her mouth.

Abby Whitt also had an abortion when she was 18 in 2013, only this time, according to Kay, it was at Klopfer’s South Bend clinic.

“I just remember being scared of him,” she said, “I don’t think he cared about the patients at all.”

Serena Dyksen was aborted at Klopfer’s South Bend clinic at just 13-years-old, “after being raped by someone close to her,” Kay reported.

“I was so weak,” she said of her state after the abortion procedure. “When I stood up blood just went everywhere. So My dad had to carry me out. I was so weak and I was so busted, and I was 13.”

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She said she was traumatized by the experience.

“It was a horrible, horrible pain,” she continued. “He yelled at me because I was yelling in pain and there was just no care, no compassion at all. He was just a very nasty man. Even afterwards when I went to recover I ended up hemorrhaging everywhere and he never came back in to even check on me. He just sent me home.”

Still another woman, who also remained anonymous, said she “would’ve died, if not for a doctor in town that performed an emergency procedure on her.” Klopfer had ”left pieces of fetus inside a patient who was about 20-years-old.”

In late September, NRL News Today wrote about Geoff Cly who eventually agreed to become Klopfer’s emergency backup doctor for the sake of helping women like this one.

Dr. Cly told Kaitor Kay that this woman “was so sick and her uterus was so infected with bacteria with pieces of the tissue of baby left inside that the antibiotics didn’t work.” Cly added, “We had to do surgery eventually and we had to take her uterus out. So this young woman could never have children anymore. So I was as a doctor, I was upset.”

Previously, Dr. Cly gave an interview to CBS2 Chicago’s Chris Tye and “compared Klopfer to Hannibal Lecter.”

According to Tye, Dr. Cly said the Ft. Wayne facility “was chock full of botched cases and behaviors he described as pathological and deceptive.”

“It was shocking to me, taking some tissue, and in this case, fetal tissue, home and saving them was just, something that never should be done, I’ve never heard of anybody doing that before,” Dr. Cly said.

For the sake of all the women who fear Klopfer may have hoarded their baby’s remains, we can hope there is some kind of closure. We know Indiana AG Hill is leading the investigation and there is every reason to believe his office will do a complete and thorough job. As Hill said on October 2, “We brought these back to Indiana because they’re Indiana babies who’ve been aborted, and we think it’s appropriate for them to be here.”

LifeNews.com Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in at National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.