United Nations Summit Will Push Abortion on African Countries That Don’t Want It

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 9, 2019   |   4:43PM   |   Washington, DC

Catholic leaders in Africa are speaking out against a planned United Nations summit in Kenya that is putting pressure on African nations to support the killing of unborn babies.

The Catholic Universe reports the Nairobi Summit is slated to begin next week. One of its lead sponsors is the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which has been linked to forced and coerced abortions and sterilizations.

One of the key focuses of the summit is “universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights as a part of universal health coverage” and “upholding the right to sexual and reproductive health care even in humanitarian and fragile contexts,” according to the report. Abortion activists use the term “reproductive health” as a euphemism for abortion for any reason up to birth.

“We find such a conference not good for us, (and) destroying the agenda for life,” said Bishop Alfred Rotich, Bishop Emeritus of the Military Ordinariate. “There will be about 10,000 people here and we know what they are for. They are not pro-life, but they are 10,000 abortionists. They are practitioners of what is against life.”

He urged Catholics to rise up and protect life in their countries, both now and for the future; and he described the UN summit as a “dragon against our agenda for life.”

Archbishop Martin Kivuva of Mombasa also criticized the summit and urged the nation’s leader to be wary of its “hidden agenda.”

“Be warned, Mr. President-these are the issues you should watch out (for),” he said. “We need to say no; we cannot take this.

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“Remember most of this is about population reduction, yet in Europe, there is zero growth and they tell us we are many,” Kivuva continued. “They tell us we are poor because we are many. That is a lie! We are poor because they took and still take our resources.”

Pro-life African leader Obianuju Ekeocha also has been a strong critic of these population control programs, calling them a new form of “colonialism” in Africa.

“As a society, we love and welcome babies,” Ekeocha said during a 2018 talk at Georgetown University. “Amidst our different difficulties and afflictions…our babies are always a firm sign of hope.”

Her work has helped to expose how the western world pushes abortion on Africans. She said impoverished Africans want clean water, food, shelter and basic health care and education, but some programs push birth control and abortion instead.

“It is easier and cheaper to buy a bag of condoms than buy a bottle of water,” Ekeocha said.

President Donald Trump stopped giving American tax dollars to UNFPA in 2017 because it pushes abortions on other countries and has worked with China for decades to implement its forced abortion population control policies. Trump renewed the order again in 2018 and 2019. The order cut $32.5 million in funding from the UNFPA budget.