Virginia Residents Must Vote Pro-Life, Reject Push for Abortions Up to Birth and Infanticide

State   |   Matt Lamb   |   Nov 4, 2019   |   6:35PM   |   Richmond, VA

Virginia voters face a stark choice in tomorrow’s election. Will they remain a state that tries to protect human life, or will they choose to devalue it and weaken protections that ensure the safety of women?

It is clear what will happen if groups like Planned Parenthood are allowed to write our legislation. We got a preview of this last January, when Delegate Kathy Tran introduced a bill that would have legalized infanticide. Her proposal removed basically all protections for unborn babies and women.

Candidates for office are also talking about passing the disastrous Equal Rights Amendment, which could wipe away thousands of protections for women and completely remove the rights of voters to vote on abortion policy, even forcing the state of Virginia to pay for abortions.

Hollywood has turned its eyes towards Virginia, publicly saying they want it to be the 38th state that passes the Equal Rights Amendment, setting up a legal battle over whether or not the Constitution can be sneakily amended all these years later. And to be clear, the Equal Rights Amendment is all about abortion.

Hopefully, Virginia chooses life. But if it does not, then citizens should not be surprised when doctors, nurses, and other citizens sue the Commonwealth to protect their right not to participate in or fund abortions. Currently, the state of Illinois is being sued for likely violating a federal law over its terrible new pro-abortion law, which is similar to what Delegate Kathy Tran and Governor Northam want to impose on Virginia.

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And in case you forgot, Governor Northam publicly stated that in the event a baby is born alive during an abortion, the baby should be “kept comfortable” and then the parents could decide what to do with the baby — meaning decide to let it die or kill it.

Many voters in Virginia are pro-life. A clear majority reject legislation such as Kathy Tran’s bill, which would remove all protections for human life. For example, a 2018 poll found that only 24% of Virginians believed that abortion should be legal in all cases, let alone up until the moment of birth.

Our own polling finds that only 7% of Millennials support taxpayer-funded abortions up until the moment of birth. And 70% of Millennials oppose the repeal of limits on late-term abortions in Tran’s bill and the repeal of the existing parental notification requirement, which helps protect young girls from being sexually abused.

Virginia protects unborn life, and it doesn’t force taxpayers to directly fund abortions, like Illinois, California, and New York now do.

In this election, we must reject the extremism and the bad policies that we have seen implemented, with terrible results, in other states. Virginia is still a great state and can stay that way, but not if the extreme abortion lobby is put in charge of our laws. Make the right choice for Virginia and reject pro-abortion policies.

LifeNews Note: Matt Lamb is the executive director of Students for Life Action, the C4 arm of Students for Life of America. Students for Life Action has been engaged in the Virginia elections, mobilizing students to contact pro-life voters.